Thursday, February 12, 2015

Monologue Mania Day # 365 by Janet S. Tiger It Doesn't Have to Be This Way Feb. 12, 2015

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Monologue Mania Day # 365 by Janet S. Tiger It Doesn't Have to Be This Way  Feb. 12, 2015

  This is designed for male or female actors - very important to be able to switch genders within the piece                          

                                  It Doesn't Have to Be This Way

                                                       by Janet S. Tiger   
                                                (c) 2015     all rights reserved

           (Person enters, will wear many hats and different times and accents and people, male and female.  Person is struggling to carry somethings, is child-like at this point)

Momma, why does it have to be like this?  There are too many things to carry to the new cave!  Look, I have dropped the special stone that makes the fire.  We have left behind the sticks I play with....I know, you told me I can always find new toys, but I liked those sticks!  (Thinking)  Am I the first hoarder?  (Horrified)  And I think we just left grandpa behind!

I will leave these other things and help him!

          (Drops items and runs to help)

Here, grandpa, let's rest a bit, think a minute.  Why can't we have stronger arms to hold more?  Or......(gets an idea)....momma...what if I use this old fallen leaf that is big and strong?  Look!


I can carry my sticks and even this old stone I just found, maybe it can make the fire!  I will call this.....a ......holder....a carrier.....what grandpa?  A what?  Good idea!  We will call this....a purse!

          (Helps grandpa to start offstage)

Grandpa, what would we do without you!  I would never leave you behind, even if I have to carry you myself.... (Idea hits)  Maybe I can get more of these, one for everyone here....we can carry more.....all the men will love purses!

Maybe, there is a way to carry you, too, grandpa.......

         (Exits with grandpa, comes onstage, rolling something)

This is so much fun!  It is such a lovely shape!  And it never gets tired of playing........The fire from the sky was scary, and then the trees burned, but this piece, from the burning, it is the shape of the moon, only I can hold it in my hands!

        (Holds it up and looks at it admiringly)

Why do things have to be this way?  When the fire came, so many could not outrun it to the river, so many died.  Perhaps, this could help us run .......and we could carry our things, so not everything is burned.....

         (Rolls the item)

It is strong and doesn't get tired like legs.....wait, what if I put something on it.....

         (The item rolls off, but they are not dissuaded)

All I have to do is figure out how to keep the item from falling off when it moves...but move is not the best way to call it.....what word should I use?, it brioches.....not....I have it, this rolls!

And when makes such a happy sound1  Like......ooooh, or aaah, or

        (As exiting, the name appears)

Wheeeeee!  I will call this a ....wheeeeeee!

        (Comes out, older, sadder, crying)

It doesn't have to be this way..... my wife is having a baby, it will die, she will die!  What can we do to save save my baby!


What if...- I can feel the head...what if I just help her....a little......please God, guide my hands!

         (Pulls, is stunned, holds the baby in wonder)

I did it...we did it!  We defeated death today!

         (Holds the baby up)

Thank you!

          (Looks around at the tribe)

I am not so special, I only did what I had to do to save her, and my son.......I am no......medicine man....I only watch things, pay attention, think that we do not have die like this, so much from things we do not understand......

           (Turns around, is different)

My husband will die if you do not tell me what to do!  He blood is running out so fast, he is getting cold......why does it have to be like this!  I put the leaves on and still the blood comes!


What if I take this string I use......and wrap it, like this....

             (She kneels and illustrates)

It's a miracle!  The blood is stopping.......

             (Looks around)

I am not so special....I only did what I had to do to save him.  We have no children, and I want his we can have more hands to we can live.....

             (Grabbing head)

How can we remember all these things!  Your father is older now, over 40 years and look at him, he forgets everything!  How many seeds to put into the holes, where the best places are to dig for water!  We must have a better way to remember!  Wait....

           (Runs and picks up something)

The children were playing in that mud, and look what happened!  The mud hardened, and the play is recorded, it is.....frozen in the mud .....written......what a wild and crazy idea!

          (Drops the item, it breaks)


          (Picks up the pieces)

I hope they made a photocopy........

           (Looks around, older)

Why do we have to kill them just because we defeated their men?  Is that fair?  (In anguish)  Why does it always have to be this way? (Getting an idea) Why can't we ......have them work for us, they can be.....what is a good, they are not us.....they will be....our ...our slaves.......

           (Bends over, is scrubbing the floor)

Freedom.  I never missed it until I have it no more.  Why does it have to be this way?

           (Stands with difficulty, looks at 'others')

I own them.  But do I?  I beat the woman, does she love me more?  Why after all these centuries, millennia, has nothing changed?

Am I free if someone can make me into a slave?  Am I only alive if someone can kill me?

           (Looks into space)

Why are we here?  Look at all those stars!  One day, maybe I will walk on those stars!  One day....because, it doesn't always have to this.....

          (Walks off, in awe of the majesty of the night sky, stops, looks back)

One day, I will look at all this, on a stage somewhere, and wonder....where did I see this before?

          (Exits,  the end of this year, the beginning of a new one!)

Last day of one year of free monologues!  Thank you all for reading and commenting.Oh, no......I feel another monologue coming on......

The author stops, looks back.........maybe, there will be a leap year monologue tomorrow.......stay tuned.....

Janet S. Tiger    858-736-6315
Member Dramatists Guild since 1983
Swedenborg Hall 2006-8

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JennyRedbug said...

A lovely piece, funny and profound.
Congrats Janet! Bravo!