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Monologue Mania Day # 1708 The Best (Scary) Story by Janet S. Tiger (c) Oct. 20, 2018

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Monologue Mania Day #  1708 The Best (Scary) Story by Janet S. Tiger (c) Oct. 20,  2018

  (Part of  the countdown for Halloween - only this is..... the real scary stuff)

                                      The Best (Scary) Story
                                                 (for Halloween)
                                            by Janet S. Tiger  (c) 2018

            (The actor is not bad looking, in a suit, with a hat and a pad and pencil.  Has an Eastern European accent.  Shakes the pencil, then writes)

I like to make notes.  It's a habit.  I had a good teacher in school, Mrs. Kaminti.  She said write it down, so you get it right.

I liked that.  So always, I have a pencil and a pad.  Always.  Good to be prepared, that's why I get the good stories.


(Happy)  Yes, this story, was the best in my whole life.

(Smiling) Five dead women, and a serial killer ....

The first in our town, in our whole area.  Maybe in the war, people killed a lot of people, but war, it's different.  This was rape and murder.

But me, I never had a good story like this, not in 20 years.  I always wanted my father to be proud of me, he left us when I was a baby.  I don't know if he knows how famous I'm getting from these stories.  

But maybe, now, with so many dead. He will.....

(Nods)  The pictures, yeah, they were pretty scary.  But that's what people want.  Some kid paints a pretty picture, wins a contest, who cares?

But a photo of a dead person.  Now, that makes the news!

       (Listens, a little upset)

How did I get to the scenes so early?  Because I got a nose for news!  Good expression!  I hear that in a movie from America.

They really like dead people in America.  

I watch TV shows, all shows in America, people die.  You get scary music and then you see person.....(gets excited) ...person gets killed with knife, or rope.....or gun......I don't like guns.....they're too loud.  Kill too fast.  Not as know......

(Listens, brightens) Yeah, that's the word.....excitement.  Over to soon.  Yeah, all these old ladies, they die slow, real slow, days.  Tortured.  

Me?  Do I feel sorry for them?  Not really.  They were all cleaning people.  Like my mother (Annoyed)  She was old.  She made my father leave because she always smell like cleaning materials.  These old ladies, all the same......


Yeah, my mother died last the hospital......not killed.  Just old.

Yeah.....(thinking)  all these dead women knew my mother.....wait a minute, what are you saying?  Do you think...I had something to do with this?

          (Looks at some papers)

How did you get my DNA?

   (Listens, then he holds up the pencil and pad, looks at them)

So that's where my old pad went!  You stole it so you could get my DNA!  That's not legal!  


Yes, I know we are not in America.  And so what if my DNA was at the crime scenes....I was there!   I am a reporter!

    (Looks at paper again, nods, smiles)

The semen, oh, yeah, I forgot they can test that.....

      (He sits for a moment, and we see a change)

......or maybe I didn't forget.'s worth it.  Before this.....nobody knows who I am......Everyone ignores me.....treats me like person who is not important.  I write articles....20years!  People laugh at me, not even behind my back!  Right to my face!  They call me names.....not nice I'm a person who looks through windows and I never did that! 

A person who looks through windows is a pervert!  Everybody knows that!

But now, it's get respect!.....Everybody knows my name.....and wait.....once they hear more details, I bet you I get international news!  Maybe even.....on television outside this stupid little country!

Maybe I Jack the Ripper, and they write books about me, and all kinds of stories!  And movies!  Big time!

(Listens)  I know Jack the Ripper was never caught.....but tell me....what would be the fun in that?.
      (Lights down, end of scene)


Sadly enough, this one was ripped from the headlines -  story here.

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