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Monologue Mania Day # 1465 Crime (one-act) by Janet S. Tiger (c) Feb. 17, 2018

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Monologue Mania Day # 1465 Crime (one-act) by Janet S. Tiger (c) Feb. 17, 2018  
Now that you've read the monologues, here is one version of the one-act play I'm working on for a contest.
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                                     a one-act by Janet S. Tiger  © Jan. 2018

             (In  the dark, we hear the detective)

DETECTIVE - And Cain talked to Abel his brother, and it came to pass, when they were in the
field, that Cain rose up against Abel his brother, and slew him.. 

(At this, we see lights on two men, one hits the other from behind, and the man drops onto ground)

DETECTIVE - And the Lord said unto Cain, ‘Where is Abel thy brother?’

          (Lights up on the detective)

DETECTIVE - So this could be called the first police interrogation....

         (Reads from the book in his hands)

DETECTIVE - And Cain said……

CAIN – (Rude)  I know not....Am I my brother's keeper?

          (Cain exits, the detective closes the book, puts it in his pocket)

DETECTIVE - Am I my brother's keeper..... So, a murderer AND a liar!

         (The detective takes a piece of chalk out of his pocket, walks over to the body)

DETECTIVE - Death......Killed.  Unlike God, I don't exactly know what
happened, so I have to figure it out......was this a mistake, or was it murder?

         (He takes the chalk and draws an outline on the floor)

DETECTIVE - Everybody makes mistakes
My dad used to say that….and he’d add…just make sure they’re small mistakes….and above all….try not to get caught!
(Serious)  And if you do something wrong…do the right thing……turn yourself in….…..

(A  younger man  comes out, he is smiling, he nods to the audience, waves.  We can feel this is his time.  He raises his arms above his head.)

FAMOUS -  YES!   Thank you all!   This is the moment I've been waiting for my entire

(In the second spotlight we see a man, he is in his 50s, but looks older.  He is holding a picture, which he shows to the audience.)

MY SON - My son.  He's a nice-looking fellow, isn't he?  He was a cute little boy, too.  I
remember the day he was born, I was so proud!   He was early, so I almost missed the whole thing.
FAMOUS - I have to tell you, when I was a kid I dreamed of this.  And now, here it is,
just the way I imagined it.  It's funny, but being famous is something you see on TV, and you want to be those people, and you imagine what it must feel like....but then, when it happens for real, well, I have to's even better!  All your faces, all the power from this crowd......(starts to choke up)'s my dream come true!

MY SON -  (Remembering)  He was...amazing.  He was a big baby, my wife had to have a C-
section.  I knew he was gonna be someone someday -  a wrestler, or a linebacker, or a boxer, or a weightlifter.  He was special from the beginning….

FAMOUS -(Remembering)  ...The first time people paid attention to me I think I was
about five....and it was a big family get together, I think maybe for the 4th of July, because everyone was there.  Nobody was paying any attention to me, so they didn't notice I climbed up on the roof.  They still didn't notice, so I stood up and shouted, I don't remember, maybe it was  ..."Happy 4th of July".....They noticed then!   And my mother screamed ' Get the hell down from there!"  And I got scared.....and I started to fall, and I slid right off the roof onto the table with all the food!
MY SON - I wish I could've been around more when he was a kid.   I traveled for my
company, but I never missed his birthday.   Every single one.  A baseball bat for the first.  A football for his fifth.   Even after the divorce…

By the time he was in school, he was bigger than all the kids.   The best in his PE class.   He got straight "A"s in PE.   I was always proud of that. (cont)

(cont)  He was always fun, the life of any party, even when he was little.  (Smiling as he remembers)  One birthday, he got up on the roof with an umbrella and jumped off yelling, 'Look at me, I'm just like Mary Poppins!'   Luckily, he landed in some flowers and everybody laughed.
FAMOUS - (Laughing)  And I landed right in the cake!   Head first!   (Still laughing)  It
was great, and the best part was that now everybody paid attention to me.....  and I realized that's why I wanted in my life.

(More serious) Now, in school, I was never that great a student.  Not the worst, not the
best.....In sports, I played some football, but, only a few games.  I was what you call 'solidly average.'   (Sighs) When you get to be 21, 22, no one wants to see you jumping off a roof into some cake….
MY SON - (Not laughing anymore)  But he did get hurt one year.  It was funny, cause
his mother was always afraid when he played football that he'd get hurt, but he never got hurt with football.  Or with wrestling.   No, it was track and field.  

FAMOUS -There were a few classes in a community college, a few jobs....then I found out
about...(says it with relish)... girls.
(No longer laughing)  You always get attention because of girls.

MY SON - He did the pole vault.   And he landed on his head.   I told him it was a good thing he
landed on his head because it was the hardest part of his body.  It did something to his hearing - they wouldn't take him in the Army, and he was kind of upset by that, but he got a good job in construction.   I was proud of that.
He had nice girlfriends, but no one special….. I always figured one day he'd find the right girl, settle down, start a family…..
FAMOUS - (Quiet)  The first one, I didn't mean to hurt her really.....I just was so sick of
people not paying attention to me, and she was too young to ignore me.  But you don't get to be famous just by hurting people.   You really have to kill someone to get to be famous.  And the more you do....the more famous you get to be....

MY SON  -The day he was born I understood how much my father loved me.   I only wish my
father was alive so that I could've told him.
 (Rubs his eyes)  I always taught my son to do the right thing.  I taught him
hat no matter what, you do what you know is right.   Even….. if it's difficult.  Even if it hurts.  So what I'm about to do now is just part of teaching him I guess.

FAMOUS - I've saved every article about me....even before they knew my name.  And
now, you have all the details about all the girls.   Maybe someone will make a movie!   I hope that some big movie star gets to play that would be real fame.   (Turns to listen.)  Okay, I know my time is up.  I heard some guy killed a bunch of kids, so, now, I guess, it’s his turn to be famous……

(He turns and holds his arms behind his back to get handcuffs., then hangs his head as he walks off.  As he reaches the edge of the stage, he looks at the audience.)
FAMOUS -  And thank you all for helping me reach my goal!
MY SON - You see this picture

(He takes his son by the shoulders)

MY SON - Reminds you of someone, doesn't it?   Someone you've seen before?   On TV?  In the
papers?  That's because it's my son.  He's famous now.  (Laughs)  First one in our family who's famous. And this is the address you'll find him….
He's not armed, that I know of.....(takes a deep breath) but he's the guy you're looking for
  My son, the celebrity.  (Bitter)   My  son, the murderer. 
(Swallows)  Please don't hurt him.....because no matter what he does......he's still my son.

(He walks off holding his son.  Lights on the detective as he looks at, then kneels by the chalk figure)

DETECTIVE  -Last night, this was a human being......

 (He takes a rag from his pocket and erases the chalk)

DETECTIVE  - We humans all like to agree and  one thing we can agree on – murder is

 (He takes out a pad from his pocket)

DETECTIVE   - Somewhere, probably, hopefully, a family member is watching, waiting,
wondering.   And either me, or another police officer, will let them know....this person will never be coming home again.

Why did I pick this profession?  Because I fit the character mold for a detective......loves fairness and justice, and wants to protect people.

         (He turns to go, stops, looks back)

And I love donuts.

(Lights on a black woman who comes out is dressed for church - nice dress, big hat and a large purse.  She takes the purse and sets it on the floor.)

MOTHER - Thank you, your honor, for giving me this chance to speak.  I don't know if I can
remember all the things I wanted to say, so I put them on a paper, but, then I can't find it, so I'm just gonna tell you what I can recall.

Because you see, there are some days you never forget.  Like the day my baby boy was born.  He was a big baby, a happy baby.  Boy did he like to eat!  Anything I put in front of him!  By the time he was in first grade, he played with the big kids, and they respected him because he could hold his own.

By the time he hit seventh grade, he was like a man, tall, strong....but always sweet.  He used to tell me, 'Momma, one day, I'm gonna buy you a house, with a big yard so you can grow your tomatoes outside in the sun.' And I believe he meant it......He wasn't perfect, of course, no child is, but he was a good boy....

         (She takes out a handkerchief and wipes her forehead.)

MOTHER - Some things you never forget.

(Lights up on the detective walking over to a man at a table who has his head in his hands)

MAN -  I can’t remember!  I told you, I just can’t remember.

DETECTIVE – (Sarcastic) What exactly can’t you remember?  How the blood got all over you? 
How you had the knife in your hands?  How the other guy got stabbed?

MAN -  We were drinking…

            (The detective looks at the audience)

DETECTIVE -  There’s a new excuse…..

            (Looks back at the man)

DETECTIVE – So you were alone?  Was anyone else there?  Another suspect?

MAN -  I told you….I never did anything like this before!

DETECTIVE -  So ….this was the first time you were ever drunk?

MAN -  No!  I drink a lot……and I get blackouts…..I just met this guy, he asked me if I wanted
something to drink, he didn’t like drinking….alone….

DETECTIVE -  So, you went to keep him company, to be his ‘friend’….

MAN -  Something like that…

DETECTIVE -  Something like that….

          (Lights up on the mother.  She looks at the detective who walks over to her - he has on a
policeman's hat now)

DETECTIVE - (Hesitant, young)  'Mrs. Taylor, do you have a son, Tyrell?' 

MOTHER -..... and I knew, right then, I knew.

         (Turns to the detective)

MOTHER - Yes, I do.  

DETECTIVE - Do you have someone at home with you? Would you like to sit down?'  

            (He steps back as she continues)

MOTHER - And I told him no one was home, but it didn't matter, because I knew.
That detective, he was a young man, and I could see he had not done a lot of these.  And
he told me my baby was dead.  It felt as if all the air had been sucked out of the earth in that moment.  How?  My boy was eating a hot dog at the local De Weinershnitzel.......and some guy at the next table got mad at his girlfriend and shot at her.  But she ducked.  And the bullets hit Tyrell and two other people, people just sitting and having something to eat.  The others survived, but not Tyrell.

Tyrell was never in a gang.  He loved football, and he had a good chance at a scholarship and a good life.  Done.  Did they catch the man who killed him?  No.
Ran away, they couldn’t find him …..and for twenty-seven years, I have waited. 
Not one day goes by where I don't think of my baby.  People who don't lose a baby, don't know.  Every day, I pray, right before I go to sleep, that they gonna catch the man who killed my baby.

And I will never forget the day they came to tell me the news.

(Laughs a little)   It was the same fellow as the first day, older a bit, a detective now, but he remembered me, and I remembered him.    

         (The detective has removed the policeman's hat,  has on a jacket now)

DETECTIVE - Finally.....

           (The detective steps back, moves to his spotlight)

MOTHER  - what he said to me.  I just looked.  And I sighed.  Finally.  I knew they
would catch him.  

And finally......may God have mercy on your soul......

 (She looks at the man being interrogated, then nods to the detective and he tips his hat.  Lights down on her.)

DETECTIVE -  It’s good to catch the killer.  You get to help a family find some closure….
No, that guy, he didn’t kill her son, he killed someone else…..I think.  I’m pretty
sure.  ….All I know was it a busy time, a lotta pressure from the DA…..(Imitates)  ‘Every conviction shows this department’s conviction to making this city a safer place!’
Was I sure?  100% sure? 

(Lights up on the man being interrogated, only now, it’s a different man, much quieter.  An officer is in the room, shows the detective some papers while the prisoner watches)

DETECTIVE -  A broken tail light…. Something the officer sees and a man is arrested for a
warrant that is years old…….

OFFICER -  It was funny, some kind of a strange feeling I got with this guy…..I mean the
warrant was for unpaid tickets, but I don’t know…the question came….outta my…

DETECTIVE/OFFICER (Together)  Guts…..

            (They smile, the officer turns to the murderer)
OFFICER -  So, why’d you kill that guy?
KILLER  -  Which one?
            (Scene freezes and the killer walks forward, shaking his head)
KILLER -  Always the same questions!  They never get tired these people, to them, I’m like a
goddamn animal in a zoo.  (Imitates)  Why did you do it?  (Himself)  Because I felt like it.  (Imitates)  Do you have any regrets?  (Himself)  Sure I got regrets…(quiet)I’m very sorry…(Loud)…..that I got caught!

DETECTIVE -  If the officer hadn’t asked that question, the guy might’ve gone free….to kill
some more….

(We see the killer talking and the  officer scribbling notes furiously)

DETECTIVE -  Five, ten…..some he couldn’t remember…..others, he remembered very well..

            (The officer excuses himself, leaves the room and goes to throw up, the detective turns to
the killer)

DETECTIVE -  Do you recognize this person?

            (Shows some photos, the killer looks but shrugs)

KILLER -  How can I see through all the blood?

DETECTIVE -  Your DNA is in there, too.

KILLER -  So?  Put me away for another lifetime!  Why the hell does this matter to you?

DETECTIVE – Because another man – an innocent man – is sitting in jail for your crime.

KILLER -  Innocent?  I don’t think so, no such thing as an innocent man.

DETECTIVE -  You might want to listen...... you made the deal here to avoid the death
penalty… that state, they still have the death penalty…

KILLER -  (Perks up)  Oh?
            (The killer turns to the audience and nods)

KILLER -  I figure, if there’s a hell, I’ll be goin soon enough, no rush.  And if there isn’t, who
cares, right…..

            (Turns and looks at the photo carefully, nods)
KILLER -  I remember….not the name, but that stupid face he had, that was enough reason to
kill him….and he wouldn’t share the vodka…..just the beer, who needs a bastard like that suckin’ up the oxygen….and yeah, there was some other idiot there, he passed out, no need to kill him, I just put his hands on the knife, put blood all over him, and I figured, no one would look for me… one ever gave a damn for me…..oh, wait, I do have one last regret….I stayed with that old lady too long…..she was nice….until she kept nagging me to wash my hands…..God, she could nag…..…..she was asleep, never knew what hit her….
(The officer comes to handcuff him and take him away)
KILLER – (Laughs) Who’d a known, the one fingerprint I left there was because, I didn’t wash
my hands!  I’m glad I killed her….. I did her a favor killin’ her….old people, they should
die easy, fast….someone should thank ME!......

            (He is led away and the lights are up on the Detective)
DETECTIVE -  And that, ladies and gentlemen of our esteemed Cold Case Society,
Is why I am happy to be the ‘success story’ of this year……Thank you!

(There is applause and he steps away from the podium as lights up on a woman,

DETECTIVE -  What is crime?  Hey they charged me $5.00 a pound  for that cheese and it was
on sale for  $2.99 - what a crime!  Well, actually, if they did it deliberately to all the customers it is a crime.  Otherwise, it's just an accident.  A mistake.  Just a mistake?

             (He turns to the DAUGHTER, she is in her 40s)

DAUGHTER -  (Upset)  A mistake? Oh, please!  I know you did a lot of work on my father's wasn't your fault!

DETECTIVE -  I guess, I just wonder, if maybe, I'd spent a little more time...

DAUGHTER -  (Laughs)  On what?  He was there, he was covered in the victim’s blood, you
had fingerprints and a dead body....

DETECTIVE -  But I guess....he had no history of violence ....I always knew he 
was innocent...

DAUGHTER -  (Laughs)  Innocent?  My father?  I always knew he was guilty!

DETECTIVE -  (Surprised)  But....he didn't do it......the reason he couldn't remember killing 
that man.....was because....he didn't do it.....we caught the man who did....

DAUGHTER -  You don't understand at all, do you?   He was guilty!  He was guilty of being a
drunk!  My whole childhood, we never knew who was gonna walk in the door....
            my father or the drunk!

He may not have stabbed anyone, but why was he in that place?  Why wasn't he home with his family?  Why did he have to take the money that would've given us 
a decent  life and piss it away!  No, he was guilty, and I didn't go and visit him one day in prison!  And I have no regrets!  
My Mom went, and my brother, but not me.   And from I understand, you're the reason
he's getting out.....when, in three days?

DETECTIVE -  Sorry it takes so long, but there are all types of procedures....

DAUGHTER -  Please.....I do not plan to see him when he gets out.  Guilty is guilty.  Thank you
for seeing that justice of some kind was done.....but.....I just don't care.
            because....him being in prison all these years, well, it was the best thing for
our whole family......we did better in school, we went to college, we got jobs, and neither of us is a drunk.  So......  I hope you don't spend one minute 
            wondering if you did the right thing.....because it's a waste of your time......

                   (The detective hangs his head as the lights go down on her.  He is smoking.  In the
dark, the others are now all talking at the same time – we can’t see them clearly  but we hear snippets)

MOTHER -'there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about…'

MAN --'I wonder if she’s still alive.........

WOMAN -.......'even though I know he can’t be'.....

OFFICER -'We still celebrate the birthday… it’s been  years….'

WOMAN -'My husband committed suicide five years later, he couldn’t stand the guilt of not
having protected his baby…'

MOTHER-'People say you have to forgive, but that's easier said than done.....'

(The speakers slowly fade from view but the sounds still echo until they blur into a mist of words, slowly disappearing into a faint background hum.

The detective starts to walk off, then looks back at the audience.)

DETECTIVE - Crime.  When one of us is cut, we all bleed.

             (He puts out the cigarette and goes to leave.)

DETECTIVE – It’s all Biblical in the end -    And the Lord said unto Cain – Where is thy brother
Abel?  And he said…I know not……… am I my brother’s keeper?

        (As he walks to exit, the lights fade from him and we hear)

DETECTIVE -  Yes.....Yes, I am my brother's keeper.

          (The end)
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