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Monologue Mania Day # 1461 Giving Up on Guinness (Celebrating the Beginning of Year 5!) by Janet S. Tiger (c) Feb. 13, 2018

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Monologue Mania Day # 1461 Giving Up on Guinness (Celebrating the Beginning of Year 5!) by Janet S. Tiger (c) Feb. 13, 2018  

                                                 Giving up on Guinness
                               Celebrating Four Years of One-a-Day - not Vitamins - Monologues!
                                      by Janet S. Tiger   © all rights reserved                                                   

It's the end of Year Four - and I'm giving up on Guinness.

Not the beer.

I don't drink beer.

But I was hoping for one shot at the Guinness Book of World Records.  Ok, maybe not with my most unusual skill - moth killing, which I am very good at, but if you have read these monologues (Day # 309) I need to be doing that in the middle of the night, naked, and really don't think my kids could handle a very strange recording for proof.

So it was going to be a monologue a day.  Every day, for a year.  Who else has done that?  A better question - what crazy person would want to do this?

Let alone .....can it really be?.....four years?  But I fear the worst - that this amazing feat is not properly recorded.   And, it is with a sad heart that I must admit  -some of these are repeats. (Not this one!)   Out of the 1461, I imagine a few hundred are actually taken from earlier and ...used again!- some due to the days and times - a good one about Christmas has to return for the holiday! - and some because.....I am tired.  Physically tired.  I am a caregiver for several people, and often the monologue is penned in the last moments before midnight, my head twitching from exhaustion.

But, to be fair, if it's one page a monologue, then many days were much longer - and quite a few are actually one-acts.  And of these four years, dozens of these have been performed - maybe more than dozens, since I really don't know. I ask people to contact me, but ...such is the internet.

Below are the ones I know have been done -  and yes, some were written before I started the monologue mania blog, and yes, when I am tired I slide in older work!  So shoot me!  Ok, maybe don't shoot me, because reign as monologue maniac would be.....over.....

             (I turn to leave, stop, look back)

For those who have to ask....'is she continuing this madness?'  I say......You'll see..

You'll your email tomorrow!  To another year!  Thank you all for reading and commenting!

             (For the very first monologue, please click here for Naked on Stage Day # 1

Some of the work performed that was  seen on this blog- (not in any order)

in Oregon - (AARP Vital Aging Conference)
                   Unplanned Obsolescence 
                   Satellite Selfie
                   iPhones for Peace
                   The Joy of Sox
                   Out of the (Stuffed) Closet

in San Diego -  God's Coffee Shop (That24HrThing)
                         Time Travel Cafe  (New Play Cafe)
                          The Newest Oldest (winner)
                         The Last Boat
                         Mixed Marriage (winner)
                        You're Hired! (That24HrThing)
                        It's Good to Hear Your Voice (coming up)
                        Book of Teas (many)
                        Crime  (winner)
                        Caregivers Anonymous (many - winner SD Foundation Creative Catalyst Grant)
                        Not So Fast! (winner)
                        Day Job (winner)
                         Mr. Lemonhead (winner)
                         Breeding Grounds (5 minute and 15 minute) both won prizes
                         Let Me Finish! (at Diversionary Wordplay and upcoming Scripteaser Showcase)
                         Two Sisters
                         Locker Room Changes (That24HrThing)
                         Handsome Woman
                        Girl on a Bus With Lawnmower
                        Senior Channel


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