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Monologue Mania Day # 1459 Crime (Detective with No Witnesses) by Janet S. Tiger (c) Feb. 11, 2018

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Monologue Mania Day # 1459  Crime   (Detective with No Witnesses)by Janet S. Tiger (c) Feb. 11, 2018  

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                                                   Crime  (Detective with No Witnesses)
                            (Not) A monologue by Janet S. Tiger   © all rights reserved                                                                                    

              (The Detective is onstage in the spotlight)

DETECTIVE -  What is crime?  A person takes a life.  Someone abuses a person, a child! 

          Everyone knows these are crimes.
.         But what about other crimes?  
           You suspect something wrong is going on, you just don't tell that a crime?

          (Lights up on an older man.  He is thinking about something very deeply.)

MAN - What was I supposed to do?  I was only 14.    I should've been at school.....listening to
the weekly sermon from the principal.   But it was such a beautiful day!  First day in weeks               that it hadn't rained......

I was sitting in some bushes - I had just finished my first cigarette......(Remembers)

I heard them first......they were start.  By the time I realized how close they were, it was too late to say anything, so I was very quiet.  I thought...maybe they'd do something like I saw in the magazines.....

And they started to.....(Uncomfortable)  It’s a lot different in a magazine!  Then he started to get rough and the girl got mad.   She pushed him, but he was bigger.   (Getting very uncomfortable)   He didn't like that she was pushing him and he started calling her names, and he put his hands on her throat.....(cannot bring himself to say this)...and he squeezed....and she was thrashing around seemed like forever....and then she stopped moving.....(Deep breath).....

Then he got weird...he started shaking.....and he put her down real gentle like.  He looked around- for a minute I thought he could see me and I was never so scared in my whole life.  That minute took hours....but he turned and walked off, then he started to run….   I will never forget his face.

(Tortured)  I was only fourteen...what was I supposed to do?  I wasn't even supposed to be there!   I'd get in trouble for ditching school, and....what if he came after me?   I mean, the police - would they protect me?  Could they protect me?   All the shows on TV, these murderers come after the witnesses, and the's never good.   So......I went back to school and no one ever knew.   I never skipped again....I graduated with a perfect attendance record for my last two years.

(Contemplative)  I don't think he meant to kill her....I really don't, but I suddenly understood what they said - a crime of passion.  That's what they wrote in the paper.  They said she was a nice girl, with lots of friends.  And they said.....(quoting) ...there were no witnesses.  I never told anyone before, it's time.

             (He opens his jacket and pulls out a photo album.)

This is my little girl, Stacey.   See her?   This is when she was born, and here she is when she went to kindergarten - first day!

She was a pretty little thing, wasn't she?  All curls and smiles.....

I love looking at these pictures.  She graduated with honors from High accepted into her first choice at college.   We were so proud of her....she was coming for Thanksgiving, driving down the night before....

(Very hard for him)  I knew that there was something wrong right away.   She was the kind of kid who always called, even if she was going to be 10 minutes late.   She didn't want us to worry.  Too late for that, right?   Once you have them, you always worry.

She said she'd be home for dinner, and to help get ready for Thanksgiving.  When she didn't come by 9PM, we called her roommate - Stacey  left on time....she should have been home......

So we called the police......they said she was an adult  and that she wasn't missing until 24 hours....but we knew better.

It was before cell phones, so it was hard, but we got in the car and stopped at all the places we knew she'd stopped with us when we went on vacations.   She was a creature of habit......(Shakes his head)  .....There was a rest stop we always laughed about......the stop was called the ABC Shore ....on every trip down the coast, we had always made a pit stop there before the last hour......(Closes his eyes)  We saw her car ......and I knew.......the front door was open and there was no sign of her....

Now the police got busy......but the whole thing had happened hours before.   Whoever did it was long gone.....and so was Stacey.....nothing.   For weeks, we didn't know what happened. .....And then........ three months later her body washed up....Whoever did it had thrown her off the cliffs into the ocean (Cannot bear to think about it)......I still have nightmares – what did he do to her?  (Tortured) …Was she in pain before she died?  Why couldn't I have saved her?  Did she think that we had abandoned her? It's been three years, two months and seventeen days, and it still hurts just as much.
Because when Stacey life ended.  I have devoted the rest of my days to finding the person who hurt her.

(Building, this has been deep inside)  That's why I came to you......I know it's been a long time, and the person who killed that girl in the park has changed.   But I'd like to give a statement and you can make a sketch......I remember it like it was yesterday......Maybe someone will recognize who this guy was…..maybe that poor girl’s family can have some closure. …..(Getting a little control)

Is there somewhere I can go to….wash my face?   Thank you…

            (He starts to walk offstage, wiping his eyes.)  

DETECIVE -  Why did you come in now..... after all these years?

MAN -  I saved all the TV shows and newspaper stories about Stacey. …..I read them over and
over….. And then the other day I noticed something....I’d been through them all a hundred times but I had never realized…..every single one of  those articles had the exact same words....”There were no witnesses.......”

        (Lights down as he exits,)

DETECTIVE -  Every person has moments of intuition - like with Erica here.....I just knew she
was going to be a good assistant.

And then.....there was the fellow covered in blood...

           (We see a man at a table, head in hands)

MAN -  I tell you, I don't remember doing it!  We did have an argument,  about money I think.....
but, was there someone else?  I just don't know!  All I remember was waking up and seeing....what was his name, the...guy I might've.....

DETECTIVE -  Richard.....Ricky was his nickname.....

MAN -   We were just drinking together, that's all....a lot of drinking....maybe I did it...

       (Lights down on this man)

DETECTIVE -  And I put him away for this crime because, he was there, blood, the
argument over money....sometimes, we do things because we think we just don't have time...(getting annoyed)......and there's a new DA, and they watch the statistics and you don't want to have WORSE statistics on crime, you don't want to have too many open cases…...because it makes the department look bad......(quiet).....makes me look bad....

        (The man is taken away)

DETECTIVE - Inside, I had a feeling something was….. wrong....but ….I just didn't have the

            (Lights down on this scene)

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