Monday, February 29, 2016

Monologue Mania Day # 747 Forever Young by Janet S. Tiger (c) Feb. 29, 2016

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Monologue Mania Day # 747 by Janet S. Tiger (c) Feb. 29, 2016 

         What to do?  A day with several options - Day # 747, same as the plane, and Feb. 29 -it is leap day!  Sadie Hawkins Day!  Three- count 'em, three!- possibilities in one!  Okay, maybe I can only squeeze in two......well, there's year.....or in another four years!                                

Forever Young
                                                                   (in honor of Leap Year and Sadie Hawkins Day)
                                                                                 A monologue by Janet S. Tiger 
                                                    © 2016 all rights reserved 
           (A very, very old woman moves slowly onstage.  She has on a tiara and a sash and she waves at the audience)

Thank you all -  you wonderful folks in Senior Channel Land for celebrating my 25th birthday!  Yes, I am legitimately only 25 years old, even though you might imagine I am lying, I am is my birth certificate!

            (She holds up a paper and points)

There it is - in black and white!  Born on February 29th in the year of 1916!

It has been a great 25 years - even better when I learned about Sadie Hawkins - because of being able to propose on a leap year....I've had seven husbands!  All much older than me!  My first marriage was when I was a baby - only five years old, and my husband 21!

All my children are older than I am, and my grandchildren, too!  In a few years, the same will be true for my great grandchildren, and I look forward to finding another husband....maybe one a few years older than I about a thirty-five year old!

           (She turns to toddle off, stops, looks back)

Ooh, I just love Leap Year!  See you when I'm fifty - but not if I see you first!

            (She exits to put some more years under her garterbelt)

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