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Monologue Mania Day # 721 Honey (for The Queens Party) by Janet S. Tiger Feb. 2, 2016

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Monologue Mania Day # 721 Honey (for The Queens Party) by Janet S. Tiger Feb. 2, 2016 
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                                   Honey                                            (for The Queen's Party)
                                ©Janet S. Tiger all rights reserved 2016

     (Man enters -'he's in his thirties but acts younger.  He is wearing a trenchcoat and is carrying a glass of wine which he taps to get attention)

Helloooooo!  Hellooooo!  Just want to say that I am here....so the party can start!

I see some new faces.....and I knew those new faces when they were old faces!  But that's okay, I don't mind renewal!

      (Looks around, sees the actor who is there for the first time)

And then I see.....really new faces....hello, beautiful......

       (The actor is a bit embarrassed, and this delights the other)

Ooh....a shy one!  Have a drink so you can get high and shy!   Know who I am deary?  Of course you don't.....but let me tell you......I'm your worst nightmare - a queen with a big.......mouth......

         (The others hoot and he puts his arm around the actor)

I know your name, but let me introduce myself......I am Jerome Edwards Stevenson......of the Atlanta Stevensons.......you know, where they created Gone with The Wind?  Well, honey.....my friends all call me....Bear.......

You know why they call me...Bear?  Let me tell you..... it's not cause I'm big and wooly, baby...... And it's not spelled like the animal......it's spelled just the way I like it....B-A -R- E......

You guessed it, baby.....I'm  into men, women and houseplants......and I've been certified crazy by the state of California......yes, you guessed it......I'm bi....a Bi- Polar Bare!

       (He opens the trenchcoat to applause as the lights flash bright then blackout.)


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