Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Monologue Mania Day # 722 The Doubt of the Benefit by Janet S. Tiger Feb. 3, 2016

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Monologue Mania Day # 722 The Doubt of the Benefit by Janet S. Tiger Feb. 3, 2016 

                              The Doubt of the Benefit 
                                ©Janet S. Tiger all rights reserved 2016

         (A man in a doctor's scrubs comes out and kneels down, putting some small stones on the ground.)

Hello, Dad, how are you doing?  I know it's been awhile, but, hey, you don't have other plans, do you?

And....I know I can always count on you to listen without interrupting...... 

       (He examines the area)

They're taking good care of your site, here, and it looks like they just cleaned the headstone.  I pay extra because I know how much everything being in order meant to you.  A doctor needs to put order in the many times did you tell me that?

A lot.....that's how many. probably know why I'm, not the little nurse who was making trouble in the O.R....that's....been taken care of by a judicious was not easy, but I took your advice .....cute and distracting is for bars.....not in surgery....

No, the issue today is....more complicated......

       (He takes out a small glass bottle from his pocket)

You know what this is......

       (He holds up the bottle and stares at it)


I've been doing this clinical trial for two years......  and we know that it works....we're pretty sure at least, the results are clearly decisive.....and so what happens?  The drug company gets purchased by some young idiot who decides this life-saving medicine is not a (snorts derisively) 'financially responsible use of company funds....' that there is a..'doubt of the benefits of the continuation of this trial....'

And so, I have only enough of this chemical left for five patients.....what's the problem then, you ask?  There are SIX patients who are in desperate need....and I...a father of three, have to tell one parent, that his or her child did not qualify to have a chance to live.......

        (He takes the bottle, looks at it again, holds it tightly)

Or...I could ......dilute the contents, thereby destroying the essential scientific validity of the test...tossing into a garbage pail over two years of hard work by dozens of people......casting doubt on the very benefit of the treatment…..but……just possibly save another life.....

         (Sighs deeply)

You always told me that a doctor is the person who is trained to make the difficult choices.....and I remember looking forward to the day when I could be the one doing the triage......making those choices....... but not this choice....not a Sophie's choice......That's one thing they didn't train me for........(listens, shakes his head)  ...Okay,  Dad....I will take care.....,I will do.....the right soon as I figure out what that is......and..... Dad...... thanks for listening...

        (He turns to leave, stops, looks back) at Chanukah.....when there was only enough oil for one night, and it lasted for eight, maybe....just maybe.....this bottle will last for six, not five.....

        (He puts the bottle in his pocket and exits, head down, to a difficult decision)


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Another winner. This feels so real!