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Monologue Mania Day # 744 The Letter by Janet S. Tiger Feb. 26, 2016

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Monologue Mania Day # 744 The Letter by Janet S. Tiger Feb. 26, 2016 

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          (Very old woman enters, slowly, with cane or walker – slow…..She waves at a chair.)

Please sit down young man.  I would offer you a cup of coffee, but I don't want to, so let's get to the reason for your visit.  Why I asked you here.  It's very simple.  

I am staying in this house, and you are not going to ask me to move.  Ever.  Again.  Not because you want to sell it for your sons, or you want a new car...... or because you want the money to pay off gambling debts, not because of any reason......because I am staying in this house.

There, very simple.  

      (Raises her hand)

Before you start to talk, please listen.  

When you first notified me of your intentions, I almost walked across the street and took the train.  Yes, I know there's no station across the street, but there is a track, and I know if I would have to move from here it would kill me, so I figured, I'd let the train do it fast and easy.

Then I did a little thinking.  At 95, that's all I can do, mostly.  And what I thought was that you are going to change your mind.

Here is why.  Your wife - almost ex-wife - was the granddaughter of my dear friend, Beatrice.  Beatrice had done well, and my family was not doing well, so Beatrice bought this house and told me I could live here until I died.  When Beatrice died, her daughter, Amanda, kept that promise,   And when Amanda passed away, her daughter, Karen, your almost ex-wife, kept that promise.

They all honored the promise........ because they were honorable people.

(Darker) When Karen was murdered, you inherited this house, and now, you are telling me to leave my home,  The only home I have lived in for over 60 years.  I am 95, and I may be getting on, and the world has changed since I was born, but that was not honorable and it is not honorable.

       (Raises hand)

I am almost done.  When you first informed me that I was going to be evicted, I was in shock.  But I am sturdy.  Once I got past my original idea of the endless train ride, I pulled myself together.  I have outlived two husbands and my only son, and now, I plan to finish living my life right here, because a promise is a promise.

Now, I want you to read something.

       (Hands him a note, watches him read)

You seem shocked.  It is shocking, isn't it?

A letter to me from your almost ex-wife, just before she died.  A letter telling me that if anything happened to her, to go to the police, that you - her almost ex-husband - were probably responsible.

Please don't look at me like that!  I have not gone to the police because I figured, it would make life....difficult for you.  Am I right?  They never found Karen's killer, did they?  And you, the almost ex-husband, had no real alibi......

      (Nods and smiles)

A little shocking isn't it?  And no, of course it isn't real.  But right now, copies of this letter are with two lawyers - and if I die in any way not natural, a car accident, a burglary gone wrong, that letter gets opened and sent to the police.

Or if I am evicted........


I typed it myself on a computer.  I may be 95, but I love those things!  And her signature was easy....I have a few of her old letters, and I just copied it.


Blackmail is just a silly word!  What does it mean?  Mail that is black?  I am surprised black people have not protested this word!  

This is merely.......the wisdom of old age that does not want to move......

So young man, I think I will get some coffee for us look a little pale.....

       (She turns to leave, stops looks back)

Or is it because.....that letter is one.....your almost ex-wife SHOULD have written....        

       (She exits, but not from her home!)

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