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Monologue Mania Day # 736 Artist Statement by Janet S. Tiger Feb.18, 2016

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Monologue Mania Day # 736 Artist Statement by Janet S. Tiger Feb.18, 2016  

                                     Artist Statement  (c)
                            by Janet S. Tiger  (c) 2016 all rights reserved 

                (The applicant walks onstage and faces the panel. The artist is me.)

I am a playwright. But I am also a caregiver – for two people I love.

After my husband’s stroke in 2013, when I was caring for him at home (he was on a feeding tube) while simultaneously helping my then-88-year-old father move–I decided I needed help myself. 

I went into therapy. When the therapist asked what I did just for me, I said "I come to you".  She said something that changed my life, "One hour every two weeks is not enough."

Then she asked, "What else do you like to do?"  I said, "Write."  And I suddenly realized that although I had never stopped writing, I wasn't writing regularly.  So I started something I'd never done before – writing five minutes a day.  It was painful at first -I had to use a timer.  But something magical happened…..and I started a book, and then a  play...and then,  in February 2014, on the 35th anniversary of my grandmother’s death, I began this blog with the goal of writing one new monologue a day for a year.  Two years and 730 monologues later, I'm still writing a new monologue every day - and Caregivers Anonymous is a play-in-progress based on monologues from this ongoing project.

        (The applicant pauses, takes a deep breath.)

My plans? I keep writing.  When the moment is right, the next step will happen.  I am hoping the time is now.

        (She smiles and exits, hopefully not the end, but the beginning.)

The above is part of a grant application - hoping it works!

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