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Monologue Mania Day # 740 Dark Eyes (Scene 3) by Janet S. Tiger Feb. 22, 2016

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Monologue Mania Day # 740 Dark Eyes (scene 3)   by Janet S. Tiger Feb. 22, 2016 

         For the first two scenes of this screenplay, please see Day # 738, 739)     

                                                                      DARK EYES
                                                          (Not)  A monologue by Janet S. Tiger 
                                                    © 2016 all rights reserved 
       The agent takes Mrs. Smith to a Starbucks type coffee shop and they sit together watching people, with the agent watching Mrs. Smith watching.)

AGENT- So, what do you see?

MRS. SMITH -  Most people are good, that's what I see.

AGENT -  But you\re not looking for that, are you?

MRS. SMITH - (Surprised)  But I am!  How can you recognize one without the other?  Didn't God give us day and night so we could see a difference?  No, luckily, there is more sun than dark, but the hard the twilight.  When the eyes could be going one way or another....and I am not sure.....that is the most difficult.

AGENT -  The funny thing is....I think I understand you.  Even though I don't....

MRS. SMITH -  Of course you do not understand, but inside you do.  There is the problem, agent Carson. Your instinct senses I am telling the truth, but all your training makes you doubt.  I understand that completely....

AGENT -   Can't you give me one tiny....little....shred of something I can prove?

MRS. SMITH -  (Laughing)  Proof!  I gave the proof with that boy.

AGENT -  I need something more.  Let me explain.....if I can show some type of logical explanation, then I can get funding.....

MRS. SMITH -  Funding?  (Laughs) For what?  A crazy old lady?  You must be crazy yourself.

AGENT - I guess it takes one to know one.  Look, may I be blunt?

MRS. SMITH -  Please do!  I'm not getting younger!

AGENT -'re not getting younger, and you have a ....what can I call it?  A skill?  An ability to save lives?  Whatever we call it, perhaps it can be taught....someone can be trained to do what more lives......think about it....

           (She takes her coffee and drinks the last, looking into the cup.)

MRS. SMITH -  Next you'll want me to be reading tea leaves.....

           (She stands)

AGENT-  Whatever works.....

MRS. SMITH -  (Smiles)  All right, Mr. Carson.....

AGENT -  Please, my name is friends call me Joe.

MRS.  SMITH -  Joseph - a good name.  All right, Joseph, I will think about it, and I will let you know......

         (She turns and walks out, moving slowly.  He watches her leave and she waves at him.  He lifts a hand and another agent follows her.  Joe sits and takes notes as the agent walks past.  The agent is keeping an eye on Mrs Smith, who turns a corner.  When the agent turns the corner, she is not in sight.  He looks around, goes into some shops, not there, down an alley, not there.  He looks puzzled and does not notice as a bus pulls past with Mrs. Smith looking out the window from a shadow.  She is smiling.)

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