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Monologue Mania Day #748 For Dark Eyes by Janet S. Tiger (c) Mar. 1, 2016

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Monologue Mania Day #748 For Dark Eyes by Janet S. Tiger (c) Mar. 1,  2016 

        For Dark Eyes  To read the earlier parts of Dark Eyes, please see Days #  738, 739, 740

                                         For Dark Eyes
                                                                                 A monologue by Janet S. Tiger 
                                                    © 2016 all rights reserved 

         (We see the woman sitting on the bench, waiting for a bus in a small town.  A young man walks by, slowly.  He looks at the woman, nods, she nods back.)

Hey.....  You visiting someone here in town?

        (She smiles, doesn't say anything, nods)

Can you hear me?

         (She nods, smiles)

You're a stupid ugly old thing, aren't you?

          (She nods again, smiles)

And you're deaf as that post over there.  Mind if I sit down?

         (She nods, smiles, he sits next to her)

Guess you don't mind.......You look like my Aunt Terry.....she's stupid and deaf, too.  And has a dress just like yours.  She loved to tell me I was gonna grow up to be no good if I didn't listen to my Daddy.  Guess she was right, huh?

        (She nods and smiles as he talks)

My Daddy loves guns.  He's the sheriff here.   I dunno why people think guns are so great.   Most boys like guns, but maybe.....I dunno, maybe I never touch guns because he wanted me to.....so, I guess, all kids wanna do the opposite of what their parents tell 'em.

But if you wanna kill people, guns are stupid.  How many can you kill with a few guns?  Ten, fifteen?  If you get lucky and no one ducks and no one calls the cops, and the cops don't come....maybe, thirty, forty.....a hundred.

(Sneers)  So what?  So they bury 'em and in five years, no one remembers anything.  You use a bomb, maybe you get a few more....or not.

          (He takes a small glass container out of a pocket)

But poison, now there's a way to do things right.....one vial of the right stuff.....and you put it in the water.....hey, in a town like this,....small town... twenty thousand people......you could get most of them on the first day......you pick a Sunday morning, when people are getting up for church, which is all you can do on a Sunday morning anyhow in a small town.

You put the vial into the water into the reservoir....the lake....the aqueduct....after the outflow point....it goes into 5000 homes.....it only takes ten minutes, and because you put it after the outflow, the testing system is bypassed......it doesn't take much to figure this out......it's all there, right on the Internet......all those people who made fun of you when you went to school, because you couldn't read so good, and your Daddy was the sheriff, but you hated guns.....all those kids, all their parents.

And you can stay to watch, or leave before anyone figures it out.....follow the news on the TV in some motel someplace, where you register under the name Smith, and no one asks for ID.....and you cut your hair, change the color of your hair, shave off the mustache, put in some contacts.....change your clothes.....buy a new car.....and become another person.....a person you killed and buried....and you took their ID because they had no family....

           (The woman continues to look and smile)

And you watch the news, and read the papers, and you see how many are dead.  A hundred.....that's just the first few minutes......a thousand.....until they figure it out, that's it the water.....it could be most of the town....except for the people who only drink booze!  They'd be the only survivors!  A town full a drunks!  What a perfect ending!

          (He looks into her eyes and her face is kind, smiling)

If I thought you could understand me, I'd have to kill you, too, wouldn't I?  But you know that, right?

           (He laughs and slaps his knee, so she laughs harder)

Well, it's been nice talkin' to you, ma'am.....hope you have a nice trip....(hisses) ...don't stay in this town......

           (He tips his hat to her, gets up and walks off.  She smiles and waves at him, but as soon as he is out of sight, her face changes, and she drops her head, sighs deeply.  She takes a small device from her purse - we see it's a tape recorder.  She removes the tape and puts it into an envelope, and we see her writing on the envelope...'Sheriff'....end of scene.)

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