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Monologue Mania Day #764 Decisions by Janet S. Tiger (c) Mar. 17, 2016

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Monologue Mania Day #764 Decisions by Janet S. Tiger (c) Mar. 17,  2016 

      For those who are asking about the one monologue a day - yes, I sometimes bring back popular monologues for certain holidays, which gives me time to write longer pieces like the one below.  Decisions is a mini-one-act written for a contest, with a prompt that includes the specific characters and a prop and line that needed to be in the script.  (They are - and I have them mentioned at the very end)

                                                    (Not)  A monologue by Janet S. Tiger 
                                  © 2016 all rights reserved 
Time -– now

Characters -   JEFFREY  - 50s
                       BRIAN      - 30s
                       13 year old girl (no lines)

Simple set -  Library in nice home, with bar and barstools, chairs, end table, sofa if possible

(Lights up -  a girl of about 13 comes in, looking for a place to hide.  She hears someone  coming and finds a place quickly.  A man comes in - this is Jeffrey, and he is very nicely dressed, suit, maybe a hat.  He is upset and goes to the bar and gets himself a drink, which he swallows in one gulp.

As he is finishing and starting to pour another, a younger man comes in, in his 30s, more casual, running shoes, T shirt.  This is Brian, and he, too, is upset, but less tightly wound.

Jeffrey knows Brian is there, but barely turns his head, Brian comes up and takes a water bottle)

BRIAN  -  Hope what’s about to happen doesn’t mean you start drinking again…..

       (Jeffrey deliberately takes the open bottle and drinks)

BRIAN - Well, that’s a very adult response.

JEFFREY -  Well I guess you’re getting to be the adult in this relationship…right through to the

(Jeffrey goes to stop Brian from another swig, and Brian moves as if to hit the other man, when Jeffrey grabs his arm and stops him.  Jeffrey almost collapses)

JEFFREY -  Okay, I got it, you win…..what do you want from me?

BRIAN -   You know….and you have no intention of changing, so…. all we have to do is the
final split …..
JEFFREY -  The final split!  It sounds like an item at a Divorce Ice Cream social!  We’re talking
about people here!

BRIAN -  That’s the problem, Jeff, nothing is ever enough for you,  not enough wine, or booze,
or trips to the casino…..or other men….

JEFFREY -  You said it didn’t bother you!

BRIAN -  I lied……it all bothered me…..which is why…..this has to be goodbye…..for real, for
now….you can take the  booze if you want….

JEFFREY -  That’s sweet….I can have my own booze!  Well, you can rant and rave and show
the judge drunken, naked videos – actually, I think he liked those…… but I don’t believe in stooping that low….I never told anyone about some of the things you’ve done……

BRIAN -  (Less easygoing)  Like what?  Do I smell a threat?  Or did you have too much bean dip
with the martinis?

JEFFREY -  Funny…you think you’re so funny. 
            (Thinking back) I remember when I thought you were funny. 
How we used to laugh?  Remember?  (Darker)  And do you remember other things….like that big company you run, with all the fancy stock options and hidden bank accounts….the company that is so dear to you……so important …..that only I know about the real backers….the people you originally….what’s a good word….were in bed with?

BRIAN -  So that’s it….you’re going to use what I told you in confidence….

JEFFREY – In bed you mean, not the same thing!

BRIAN -  I thought it was for me….and for you, too….I didn’t realize…..I just wanted the
best….for you, for me…..for us…….

JEFFREY -  But it was all consuming!  It took you away, to every corner of the planet, and I had
to stay here…

BRIAN -  That was your choice!  You had to be the big star of this little pond!  You had to
headline all the local theatrical events!  You couldn’t miss a single rehearsal!  And you couldn’t miss all the…talent.  The young men who needed ‘help’ with their lines….and how to ‘loosen up’ for their parts……don’t you think I know about all your help with their…(very arch) ….private parts!

JEFFREY -  I suppose we both had….our weaknesses…..I just thought….

           (Brian goes over to the bar and takes a drink himself)

BRIAN -  Maybe….

JEFFREY -  I gave you everything!  You got this house, all my artwork….all the money…..

BRIAN -  (Annoyed) Don’t make it sound like I did nothing here….I helped renovate this
place….I was there when you bought every painting!  And I have my own money……you know the real thing is…..we have to make the last choice, because .....we have a child……

JEFFREY -  Well, you can’t have her!  We chose her together, we raised her together….you
have to let me have at least half!

BRIAN -  You went to church when you were a kid….you remember King Solomon and the
baby….you can’t split children, not at age 13….she needs to stay here, in her school, with her friends….you can visit on holidays…..for a month in the summer….

JEFFREY -  It’s not enough!  I don’t want to be an insert… that …oh, what’s that called
when you have a missing word?

BRIAN -  A caret….

JEFFREY -  Caret….that’s me, I have become…..a caret…..

             (He picks up a piece of art, turns it upside down so it looks like the punctuation sign)

JEFFREY -  A forgotten word, inserted at the last minute….. to be looked at but not really part
of the family!  To be forgotten, or ignored…always a mistake…’s funny…. you never wanted children, but now, that’s your whole life….funny…..can one desire be too much of a good thing?

BRIAN -  I guess….we know that answer too…..

(The two men hug and they hear the girl crying, realize she has heard everything.  Brian goes to take her out as she continues to sob.  Jeffrey and Brian hold her)

JEFFREY -  I know this is the worst way to do this, but Brian, why don’t we let her decide….

              (Brian sighs and looks at the girl, who is trying to stop crying)

BRIAN -  All right, you can choose……who do you want to live with?  We’ll abide by your

(The girl looks between them and then slowly takes one hand and points at Jeffrey, then takes the other hand and points at Brian, so she is pointing at both.  As the lights dim, they all lean together and hug.  Blackout)  

Line to include -  Can one desire be too much of a good thing?
Prop - a carrot, or a carat or karat or caret - I chose caret because it was the most difficult to include!

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