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Monologue Mania Day #770 A Whale of a Debate by Janet S. Tiger (c) Mar. 23, 2016

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Monologue Mania Day #770 A Whale of a Debate by Janet S. Tiger (c) Mar. 23,  2016 

Because today is Purim, have a rerun of Esther and the Purim Spiel  re- published today.

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..                                A Whale of a Debate
                                                         (for the Senior Channel)
                                          (Not)    A monologue by Janet S. Tiger 
                                  © 2016 all rights reserved 
    (Two whales come onstage.  They are different types of whales - Whale 1 might be a great dresser, with ribbons or a hat on the hump.  The other - Whale 2 - is cooler - maybe with some type of prop from the ocean.  Whale 1 steps up and faces the audience)

WHALE 1 -(Speaks elegantly)  Thank you ladies and gentlemen and sea animals for the chance to speak before the Senior Channel audience!  Breaking the bonds of what animals can do it our goal, and that is what this debate is about!

WHALE 2 -  We want you to listen and learn what it's be a slave!

WHALE - 1  Please!  We agreed that certain language was to be avoided!

WHALE 2 -  I didn't agree!  I said ok to sharing my views.....and my views are that whales - as kept in Sea World and other places for display and forced to work for our food, with NO CHOICE IN THE MATTER!    THAT is the classic definition of SLAVERY!  Am I right, people?

         (Waves at crowd)

WHALE 1 -  And you activist whales want the rest of us who ENJOY performing to follow along in your desires!  Well, because of you, I will no longer be able to procreate!  I will be kept entertaining, it's true, which I do love.....

          (She preens and jumps for the crowd)

WHALE 1 -  Where else could I be a star like this?  Where else on this planet could people come to see me and cheer me on!  I love it! (Bitter)  And you want to take it away!  If I am a slave, it is a slave to my adoring audiences!

WHALE 2 -  (Horrified)  You've been a slave so long, you don't even realize that once you are free, we could get you an agent, you could make movies all on your own....and have babies out in the ocean where we belong!

WHALE 1 -  Where we belong?  Puhlease!  I was born in this lagoon - and I love it!  No one is out to eat me!  Or turn me into perfume....oh, yes, I've heard the rumors!  And you have too!  could you protect me?  Well?

            (Whale 1 turns away)

WHALE 1 -  (Triumphant)  You can't!  You just can't!  And now my talent will die with me!

WHALE 2  -  (Desperate)  No!  It doesn't have to!  Do you realize....

           (Whale 2 is embarrassed, turns away)

WHALE 2 -  (Quieter)  Do you realize how much I love you?

WHALE 1  -  (Surprised)  What did you say?

WHALE 2  - (Quieter)  Nothing.....

WHALE 1  -  I heard you!  You said you love me!  But why didn't you say something before?  Things could have been different!

WHALE 2-  I know.....I know I'm younger, and you're a big star....

           (Whale 1 preens again)

WHALE 2 -  But you have no idea how painful it was to work with you all these last few years.....when they made you into a world famous entertainer....

WHALE 1  -  You could have said something with that big blowhole of yours!

WHALE  2-   Let's not get personal....

WHALE 1  -  But this is personal!  You have practically proposed to me.....on Internet television!  Which is the same as saying.....forever it will be here for all to see!

WHALE 2  -  But I'm not proposing......

WHALE 1 -  (Horrified)  Are you....are you....propositioning me?

WHALE  2-  I'm asking you to run away with me!  I have it all planned!  There's an Uber water tank outside, waiting for us!  We could escape!  In plain view of everyone!  They'll take us to the ocean and we'll be free!  And then we could mate, have!

WHALE 1  -  (Sputtering)  But....but what about our dear trainers?  They love us!

WHALE  2-  They don't love us!  They are slave owners!  They don't care about you or me!  If it wasn't for that movie, they never would have let us come here.....and now we can use their stupidity to escape!  Freedom!  Think about it!  For the first time in your!

WHALE 1  -  Well, you have it all figured out, don't you......but I'm different from you.....I was born in the lagoon.....I grew up here....they brought you into the show when you were a young whale.....

WHALE 2 -  That's right, I experienced freedom, That's why I know you will love it!  Come with me!  My love, the best is yet to be.....

             (There is a commotion, and Whale 2 looks to the wings, is horrified.)

WHALE 2 -  They're coming for us!  We have to hurry!  Those Uber rides are expensive enough!

             (Whale 1 looks at Whale 2, takes his hand)

WHALE 1 -  Then you'd better go......before they catch you....we know what happens when they catch you....

WHALE 2 -  (Shaking his head)  I knew this would be hard......but please, I'm begging you!

WHALE 1 -  Go, my free!  And maybe, think of me when you are......

             (They hug)

WHALE 1  -  We'll always have Paris....

WHALE 2  - What?

WHALE 1 - Just something on TV.....go yourself!

               (WHALE 2 goes to exit, turns and waves goodbye)

WHALE 1  -  They're coming!  Hurry!

               (Whale 2 leaves and Whale 1 stands tall)

WHALE 1  - I will not let you take him!  You'll have to go through me, first!

               (She stands tall then puts up her hands)

WHALE 1  - Not the net!  I've never been in the net!

               (She struggles)

WHALE 1 - He got away!  He got away!

               (She walks out trapped in the net, looks back)

WHALE 1 -  Please get this side for photos - it's my better side!

               (She exits back to ......a performance slavery)
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