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Monologue Mania Day # 412 by Janet S. Tiger When Does the Day Begin March 31, 2015

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Monologue Mania Day # 412  by Janet S. Tiger When Does the Day Begin  March 31, 2015

                                                When Does the Day Begin?
                                                              (for Caregivers Anonymous)
                                                        by Janet S. Tiger  (c) 2015 all rights 

         (The woman stands up, comes to the center of the stage, looks around)

You're right, I haven't talked in awhile.  Perhaps...I have nothing left to say?

          (She laughs and the others join in)

Okay, you don't have to laugh that hard!

Whoo...what's happened since I last spoke?  Oh, my Uncle Ted is going into a home......that is new.  Of course, it could a year...and in a year, who knows?  Maybe he will get better....

           (She laughs)

I told you, you don't have to not laugh that hard!   Yeah, I have to go through the VA - what a joy!  First the people go through war, then they get old and go through not sure which is worse.

Here's the funny thing, I realized that...everyone knows, right?  That one of the signs for dementia and Alzheimers is not knowing what day it is.....but here's my question - what happens when you don't know WHEN the day begins?

Sometimes people talk to me, and they find out I'm caring for someone with Alzheimers and I can see it on their face, that horror.  Some know from experience.....others just know.  But the thing they don't understand unless they've been through it is.....24/7 means, there is no start..... or end the day.

(Smiles, remembering)  After the kids went to college, before Uncle Ted moved in....and started declining.....boy I hate that term!.....before.....I got a fantastic job at....don't laugh!....Walmart.  I was a....greeter.  People felt sorry for me at that job, too, but I loved it!  I had a demarcated job!

I got there and punched in, and the job started.  I had specific breaks, and a whole half hour, uninterrupted!...for lunch!  It was like....a miracle job!

And, at the end of the day, I clocked out, and went home, and the job was off my mind until I clocked in again!  It was ....bliss!

No one called me to ask my opinion on the color of the carts, and no one asked why I hadn't purchased the right crackers for Ted.....why I was late, or early, or what I was doing......and every day, when I woke up, I knew that's when the day started.  No midnight calls, no midnight falls and trips to the hospital at 3 am......

Don't get me wrong, my Uncle Ted was always good to me.  He taught me how to play baseball when I was a kid, and when he moved to town, to be near me when Aunt Muriel passed, he bought a van for me, to help out, with the kids, and it could carry his walker to start, then his.....wheelchair.

I used to remember when the others would complain about Walmart, and, I know, they had things to complain about, but all I know is, I wish....I wish I could work there again.....I wish....I could know, when the day begins......

          (She sits down.  Spot on her, then blackout.  End of scene)

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