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Monologue Mania Day # 424 by Janet S. Tiger How Did It Happen? April 12, 2015

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Monologue Mania Day # 424 by Janet S. Tiger  How Did It Happen? April 12, 2015
                              How Did It Happen?
                                                      (for Solitary)
                                                   by Janet S. Tiger
                                              © 2014 all rights reserved

          (The mother comes out with a garbage pail.  She is wearing gloves and proceeds to kneel next to the tree to start weeding.)

Well, God, I see you've been sending over a lot of weed seeds this yeah.....more than usual.  It's funny, but I love to do the weeding now more than I did in the past.  I guess.....I guess I see the reason.  I do prefer removing these problems more than the ones with the children.  You know what I mean, God......Jimmy, Jr.

        (She takes the weeds and puts them into the pail, looks up at the tree and touches the branches.)

It is so much easier to see the weeds out heah in the sun.  I remember trying to teach Jimmy that if you let weeds grow too much, they can choke out even a big tree like this, kill it.  I tried to tell him that people have weeds, too, that we all have to remove the bad influences, so they don't kill us.

But he didn't like to do gardening......he'd rather play with his friends.  And I....I felt bad he had only I let him play.  Most of the boys were nice, but there was that Andrew.....he moved in, and he was like a giant weed, and I could feel him growing and encircling the sapling that was Jimmy, but I couldn't figure out what to do.......

         (She kneels and pulls, holds up the weeds)

Somehow, the weeds were clearer, and Jimmy just loved having a boy near his age.  The others were older, and there was something about that Andrew......he had that hair his parents let him grow so long.  And then Jimmy grew hishair  to match.  And Jimmy loved that girl Annie.....and Andrew was jealous, and I remember one time, they were all together watching a movie on television, and I came in with some snacks....oh, they hated when I came in, but I saw Andrew watching Jimmy, who was holding onto Annie, and there was something in his eyes, I could have sworn it was the devil......but I don't believe in devils, God, just in bad people.

(Sighs deeply)  I should have known they were doing drugs, should have done something to weed it out before it choked them all.....but who could I talk to?  All the other children were doing the same thing, and some of the parents helped.....Andrews parents would have those parties with sleepovers, and beer......and Andrew's mother said to me.....(shakes her head)  she said...(imitates) ' I'd rather they drink here.....where I can watch them...don't you agree that's better than them running around and driving drunk?'
And she looked at me like I was crazy...or disagree.  So I didn't.  I let the weeds grow tall, and now, now he sits in a jail and I have to mortgage this place to pay for some expensive lawyer.

I guess I shouldn't complain.  He's still alive.  And I guess when he crashed he was drunk enough to not be hurt that bad.......and thank you God, no one else was in that accident.

         (She takes off the gloves, looks at the tree base)

There, I suppose I weed you, old friend, because I didn't do the weeding I should've with Jimmy.  So at least, you get to see the sunshine......

          (She turns to leave, stops, looks back)

Thank you for listening, God.....and you, too....

          (She goes over and touches the tree gently, then exits as the lights fade.  End of scene)

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