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Monologue Mania Day # 420 by Janet S. Tiger Test Results April 8, 2015

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Monologue Mania Day # 420 by Janet S. Tiger  April 8, 2015       
                        Will split this into two monologues, but it will take a little time......
                                Test Results
                                        by Janet S. Tiger
                                    © 2014 all rights reserved

        (He walks slowly, this young man, holding a paper in his hands, stunned by what he is reading, his name is Dylan.  He faces the older man, his father, and waves the paper)

DYLAN - Why didn't you tell me?

DAD -  How was I to know your mother was a whore?

DYLAN -  (Furious) You must have suspected something, must have...known!

DAD -  How would I know?  I was a trusting man, I believed her, and we didn't have tests like this in those days......

DYLAN - But all these years, she said nothing, she gave you no clue?

DAD- You mean, like, if she gave me my coffee at breakfast and said, 'Cranston, by the way, I screwed your best friend all those years ago, and I believe that Dylan is his son?'  Something like that?

DYLAN -  (Anguished)  How could you live together?  Be together all this time and not know?

DAD  - You mean, not know that you are not my son?  That there was something different about you, different from your brother, different in a way that no one could put a finger on?  I always wondered, but proof, I guess, now you have the proof.....

DYLAN -  But it doesn't change anything, does it?  I mean, you raised me, you must love me, right?

DAD - (Quiet)  Well, not necessarily......

DYLAN  - No, I can't be hearing this!

DAD -  Why?  Because in movies the father finds out and tells the bastard child....(high-pitched)  I don't care, to me you will always be my son!'  That's not me, Dylan, and you know soon as you leave, I will call my lawyer, you remember Tobin?  I'm going to have you removed from the are not my blood relative, and, unless someone else in this family wants to remain friends, I doubt if we will ever see each other again.

            (Dylan hangs his head, this is almost too much to bear)

DYLAN -  So I guess, there's nothing left to say.......after finding out how you really feel about me after 26 years, I suppose there's nothing ......except goodbye.

             (He throws the paper on the table)

DYLAN -  You may want to look at this.....

              (He turns to leave as the other man picks up the paper.)

DAD-  (Puzzled)  I don't understand all these numbers ....probabilities....

DYLAN - No?  Maybe the last section here will help.....

             (He points to a page)

DAD -  But it says......(reads) 'that I am not excluded as the biological father and that the probability of paternity is more than 99.99%.......'  but doesn't that mean......

DYLAN -  Yes, Dad, it means that you are my father.....that, whether you feel my mother was a whore is irrelevant, because it was your swimmer that got through......I am your son....

             (His father sits heavily, ashen)

DAD-  But I thought.....

DYLAN -  That I was nothing, and you are so you, I have always been nothing.....and this, right now...... proved it....

DAD -  But you lied!

DYLAN - No, I didn't!  I led you to believe something, just like you used to do to us when you trained us for those debates in school!

DAD -  (Desperate)  I never would have said those things!

DYLAN  -  (Vicious) Really?  That you always knew something was weird about me.....I always knew how you special it was to hear you say it.....the truth is such a rare thing, too bad it takes lies to bring it out of the closet.....

            (His father goes to try to hold his arm, Dylan pulls away)

DAD -  You can't leave now, we have to talk this over!

DYLAN -  (Laughs)  I think....we've already talked enough.....goodbye.......(spits it out with venom)  goodbye.....Daddy.....

           (He exits, leaving his father breathing with difficulty, then sitting heavily as he stares at the paper.  Lights down.  End of scene)

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