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Monologue Mania Day # 431 by Janet S. Tiger How to Avoid Being Abducted by Aliens April 19, 2015

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Monologue Mania Day # 431 by Janet S. Tiger How to Avoid Being Abducted by Aliens  April 19, 2015
                         How to Avoid Being Abducted by Aliens (part 3)
                                                     (for the Senior Channel)
                                                         by Janet S. Tiger
                                                © 2014 all rights reserved

         (A person enters, they are....unusual.    Looking around nervously.  Very...unusual)

Hello again.  I'm glad to be back with my monthly update to avoid being abducted by aliens.

         (Takes out a paper, reads)

First, wear a shirt or blouse that matches the mat in your bathroom.  If in imminent danger of abduction, stand on the mat.  Why this works - The aliens will not be able to see you, and will certainly pick others to abduct.

Number 2-  Make a lot of strange noises throughout the day, especially in public places. This means all types of sounds including, but not limited to ....flatulence.  Why this works - So their experiments will not be skewed,  aliens are designed to try to abduct normal people

Third idea -  Surround yourself with strange friends and family.Why this works -  see number 2.

         (Holds up a blank page)

The fourth method is a little different.....this is an invisible way.     This is actually a trick method, because if you can read this invisible writing, you have already been abducted.

For # 5, stay tuned to the Senior Channel for updates on how to avoid alien abduction....
Why this works - (smiles)......because it just does.  I mean  hasn't it worked so far? You haven't been abducted yet, have you?

          (Turns to leave, stops, looks back)

And if these ideas don't work, then....have a nice trip!

         (Person smiles, then exits, looking around, suspiciously, always ready........or not)

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