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Monologue Mania Day # 426 by Janet S. Tiger For the Grace of... April 14, 2015

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Monologue Mania Day # 426 by Janet S. Tiger  April 14, 2015
             Thanks Jennifer......
                                For the Grace of.....
                                                    by Janet S. Tiger
                                              © 2014 all rights reserved

          (The woman is ragged, weaving gently as she approaches, almost timidly.  She is not so old, but she looks older.  Her skin is bad, her clothing dirty.  She has bandages on her legs.  She is holding a box, which she puts down as she peers into the audience)

I'm sorry, but you look so familiar....did you used to live on Wyoming Street?  About ten years ago?  I mean, it's hard to believe so much time has gone by, but, I think I used to be..... your neighbor......Samantha.....everyone called me Sammy then....

          (She smiles sadly)

I thought it was you......you had the same car, but different license plates.....did you move? ....to Nevada?  Wow, that's hot over there......visiting friends is nice.....I don't see that many people from the old condo group......as you can see, I've had some hard times......

          (She steps back, horrified)

No!  I'm not begging!  I don't want your money!  I'm ok!  I mean, maybe not so ok, since I got divorced,  I live in my truck, but my truck is running fine..... my kids give me some money, and ...well, I'm here in front of Vons because....

         (She goes to the box and shows it)

Remember Grace?  She was always a good dog, a sweet dog.  Ok, maybe she barked at people sometimes, and ran after the kids, but she's old now, and she's....well, if I bring to the shelter, they'll put her down and I ...(hard to say it) .....I can't take care of her anymore.....I can barely take care of myself.....but, there's nothing extra for food, or a vet, so.....would you take her please?  She was a pedigree, you know, we paid a lot for her.......

         (She reaches in, pats the dog)

Yeah, the ribbon is nice, a lady in the store gave it to me when she heard what I ....what I had to do.

She said maybe a pretty ribbon would make Grace look nice, so someone would want her......

       (Listens, hangs her head)

Yeah, she's better trained now, and I know she would be a good dog for you....maybe I wasn't such a good neighbor, I shoulda picked up after Grace.....but I was busy with the kids, Mason was always gone in that truck, and it was tough, and now they're all grown up.....and......


I understand....yeah, not everyone likes dogs.....I just remembered you always had a dog or two, and I thought ...maybe.....

        (She takes the box, turns to leave, she looks completely defeated)

Thanks for listening...... have a good trip home.....

        (She looks over, brightens up)

Hey, didn't you guys have that old van?  The one that was always breaking down?  Remember me.....I used to live down the street from you......

         (She exits.  There but for the grace of God......or in this case, dog..... To help the homeless, there are several local organizations - San Diego Rescue Mission , Homeless Outreach, St. Vincent de Paul and Salvation Army.  To help animals that need new homes, there is the Humane Society and Helen Woodward Animal Center
Thank you for helping.......)

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JennyRedbug said...

Beautiful and heartbreaking. Some smart actress is going to love doing this one!