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Monologue Mania Day # 425 by Janet S. Tiger Fire April 13, 2015

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Monologue Mania Day # 425 by Janet S. Tiger Fire April 13, 2015
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                                                  (for Operation Firefly)
                                                    by Janet S. Tiger
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       (Walter is running, he is covered in dust, sweat and the fear is almost as visible, we can see it in his eyes.  As he comes into sight, he looks behind him....the fire is gaining and then he stops.)

My God...I'm in Hell.....

The wind is blowing against me from behind, and this fire is coming at me....right at me!  Dear God, if you let me live, if you let get outta here with my life, I swear, I'll never do anything bad ever again!  I swear! 

        (There is a gust and a flash of fire that fills the entire world.  He is mesmerized.)

I guess you didn't hear me, did you?  Let me be more specific, God.....What the hell am I supposed to do.......

        (The fire crackles and a branch blows by- he jumps out of the way, then suddenly realizes something.)

 Wait a minute, what did they teach us.......(trying to recall)....if the two fires meet, they'll burn each other out....someone started this backfire..... that means there has to be a way out.....they always leave one way out......

       (He looks around, he is surrounded....or is he?)

The wind stops every few seconds....

        (He looks at his watch)

If I wait until it takes a breath......and take this path at top speed, I might get through.....or turn into a French fry......

        (He starts to laugh)

Hell's bells....hell's balls, if the fire done catch me, there'll be nothin' left at all!

        (He braces for the fire's stop, then starts running at top speed, jumping off the edge of the path into a blaze.  There is now a small fire, it's a cigarette and Walter is smoking, the others listening)

And that's how I knew that I was never gonna die up here on the mountain. my momma told me all those years ago when I stole the easter eggs .....not even the devil wants me!

          (The others laugh as the light on the cigarette fades out.  End of scene)

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