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Monologue Mania Day # 436 by Janet S. Tiger Return - Jeffrey's side April 24, 2015

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Monologue Mania Day # 436 by Janet S. Tiger  Return - Jeffrey's side April 24, 2015

                                   Return - Jeffrey's side
                      (from a play about an experimental Alzheimer's drug that might work)
                                                        by Janet S. Tiger
                                                © 2014 all rights reserved

At first, I felt really bad about.....seeing another woman.  But Ellie has been gone....for a long time.  Her body is still here, but Ellie, she started going away about six years ago.  At first, I thought she didn't love me, then I realized what was happening.....of course, I denied it, a normal part of the whole process, but somehow, it's easier to be annoyed with someone you love than admit  (sighs heavily) than admit they are leaving.....but not for another person.

For the fact that, their mind is going.......not their body.

I had such trouble with that, but then, then I realized when I looked into her eyes, they were blank.  And she would wander.

Living in this house became like a jail, everything had to stay locked, with alarms, in case she got a prisoner, a animal.

So when I met Rita, I was completely alone....only I was busy all the time.  And Rita helped, she helped me realize that I...I was still alive.  And healthy....and needed another human.

And so we became close......lovers.  I never thought I could fall in love again, but, I hear that if your marriage is good, it's easier.

I just, couldn't grasp that Rita, and Ellie, could be in the same room, and Ellie, had no idea.

I saw the ad for the experimental medication.  What did we have to lose that we hadn't already lost?....They warned us it could be a placebo Eleanor was given, but we had nothing to lose....Ellie was already ....gone.

So we tried.  And they said the odds were against it working, because it was so new.  And it didn't work....not right we figured it was the placebo......and then......

I asked Rita, what if it did work, what if Ellie came back?

Rita said we could jump off that bridge when we came to it!  And I agreed.  What could happen?  How could our lives be even more complicated?

But they can be - and they are.....because Ellie, who I once thought was now....coming back, a little at a time, but I am starting to see her in her eyes...(hard for him), and I......I still love her.....and I love Rita.....and I feel like a young man in the middle of a movie he didn't ever want to go see!  And yet, here he is, right in the middle.....only the end hasn't been written.....

          (He turns to leave, stops, looks back)

Or has it?  Maybe.....I just don't want to know.....

           (Lights down, end of scene)
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