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Monologue Mania Day # 1503 Of the Earth by Janet S. Tiger (c) March 28, 2018

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Monologue Mania Day # 1503  Of the Earth by Janet S. Tiger (c) March 28, 2018   

                                Of the Earth
                                         A monologue by Janet S. Tiger   
                                             © all rights reserved

       (A man comes onstage dressed in the clothing of a time long, long ago.  He carries a bag and is holding a small container which he waves at the audience.)

Come, my friends, come see.....I have traveled a far distance to bring you this amazing wonder!  Behold, one and all.......

       (He opens the container and shows it to the crowd)

I have here the finest merchandise in the entire world!  This is what I have brought from the land of....Bulgaria.....from the ancient mines of Solnitsata.....the best for all your needs......for preserving your meats, for saving your fish and even trading with your neighbors who could come here today to this fine market.....

I offer you the chance to have this amazing material......and I can tell you that even a few grains could save a life, as I myself have done.....for I have changed the course of history with my goods.....

Just a few years ago, I was traveling on a dusty road many miles from here, in a country which had just endured a terrible war.  Although the armies were not too near.....the people needed my wares, which is why I was there.  But perhaps I was there for other reasons......for I encountered on that hot day a group surrounding and protecting an older man who was very ill. 

Although he had a strong physique, he was laying on the ground, shaking as if in a storm.  His eyes were wild, and his skin burned.  They had given him water, but he was delirious.

I offered my assistance and some did not want me to come near the man, but the others knew he was very ill, and so they took a chance on a simple traveling man.

And they were lucky, as I had seen just his ailment during a terrible heat wave in the deserts of Egypt, when souls are lucky to survive during the windstorms that suck the life from all.

For the man was suffering from the lack of.......

       (He waves the box)

Of.....salt.....a few grains in a glass of water.   I told them it was magic that I had carried across the world......he took a sip and within moments, his eyes cleared and he sat up, a new man.  The others treated me with respect, and he took me in his arms and told me that I had saved a king.

You heard me correctly....a king!  A man whose salvation saved a nation, and in so doing, altered the very course of the history of this world!

All for just a few grains.....

So.....you now have the chance to be the one ....the one who can work miracles....

        (He smiles at the crowd, waves)

Come one, come all......I have my stand over here.....I give you that very opportunity for a very small price....only a tiny bit of gold......for a few grains.......it is so very little to ask.....

       (He turns to leave, indicating they should follow)

For the salt of the earth.....

       (He exits.  Lights down)

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