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Monologue Mania Day # 1485 The True Cost (Belva Lockwood from The Third Party) by Janet S. Tiger In honor of International Woman's Day (c) March 9, 2018

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Monologue Mania Day # 1485 The True Cost (Belva Lockwood from The Third Party)by Janet S. Tiger In honor of International Woman's Day  (c) March 9, 2018      

Tonight's post is about Belva Lockwood - who deserves to be  honored on International Women's Day!
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                                               The True Cost
                                        (from THE THIRD PARTY (c) 1984
                           A  monologue by Janet S. Tiger   © all rights reserved

  (Belva is a woman in her 50s, back in 1884.  She is striking and impressive, but now she is in pain,  trying to understand what just happened between herself and a friend, Susan B. Anthony.  She is speaking to her campaign manager, Mr. Adams)

It's all right, Mr, Adams, I was just thinking how little money has to do with what anything costs.

All through my life, whenever there has been a success, there has also been pain - one growing from the other in a way I could not see at the time, but can view now from the vantage of years.

When Uriah, my first husband, died, I  was forced to find out how to earn a living so that I could support Lura and myself.  When I became a teacher, I discovered that men earned twice what women did, which got me involved with trying to change laws.

After I moved to Washington and Married Ezekial, I faced many difficulties in trying to obtain a law degree, but the worst was when my baby died.  And then, while fighting to obtain the right to be the first woman to practice before the Supreme Court.... Ezekial died.....

Each loss was part of each gain, part of the price one pays to get something worth having....

         (Looks around the train station)

When I started this campaign, I looked at my daughter and son-in-law are well, and my grandchildren are thriving.  My law practice is profitable, and I have my I have wondered through all of this....what would be the true cost of this campaign......(Takes a deep breath)  Now I think I some is harder to lose....a friend.....


THE THIRD PARTY was produced in San Diego by the Gaslamp Quarter Theater in 1984- 
and nominated for Best New Play by the San Diego Theatre Critics Circle

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