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Monologue Mania Day # 1499 Choices (1-3) by Janet S. Tiger (c) March 24, 2018

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Monologue Mania Day # 1499 Choices (1-3) by Janet S. Tiger (c) March 24, 2018   
These three monologues are soon to be part of an anthology for high school students.

                                              by Janet S. Tiger 
                                     (c) 2015 all rights reserved 
      (The young man is smooth but still has an air of jumpy, although tamped down.  He is nicely dressed, like one who would be going to a nightclub.  He takes out a cigarette and lights it, very sexy)

Hi, I saw you over here, standing, waiting for the bus.  Want a cigarette?

        (Offers, but is turned down)

Go on, no one will know, and you look cooler, you wanna look cool? Right now you just look pretty, but everyone wants to look

        (Offers again, this time the offer is accepted, he lights her up)

Smart girl!  Not too fast, you gotta go slow to start.....

         (He jumps back, laughs)

I told you won't cough.....there, that's better.....feels good, right?  Lookin' good!  Here, see how cool you look?

          (He takes out his phone, snaps a picture, shows her)

Oh, boy, you are so cool...and so hot!

(Thinks)  How long you gotta wait for this bus?  Ten hours?  I got an need a ride home?  I got my car over there.....I'll take you right problem, 

         (Listens, lifts his hands up)

No problem, I don't know here, my name is Javier.....just like that movie star....and what's  your name......that's a pretty name!  Marisol......I like that.....just like you, very got a boyfriend?  ......oh, I'm surprised, pretty girl like you no boyfriend.......
I bet you gotta lotta guys running after you, so you don't choose yet, right? .......

Yeah, if I was running after you, I wouldn't quit till you were mine, just mine.  I wouldn't share you with anyone else......

You sure you wanna wait out here for that bus....I got a nice car....see....

      (He points)

I got money, too, to take care of things, like if I was your boyfriend, I'd get you some nice presents, perfume, some dancing like to, too!  How bout I have another idea.....I give you a ride home, and maybe you go out dancing with'll be, baby, look at me....

      (He looks deep into the eyes of the audience)

I just wanna make you happy, so you don't have to wait out here in the cold, and we can have'll see.....come on, whaddaya have to lose?  An hour waiting for a damn bus that may be late?  And then you have to have these weird people sit next to you, rub up against you......and sometimes they smell, right?  I've done my time riding on buses, no more!  That's why I hate to see a pretty girl like you......waiting 'bout it, baby?  

      (He reaches out his hand, smiling)

You made a good choice, baby, you'll look back and see how smart you were.......

      (He leads her off, looking back at the audience.)

And that, my friends, is how it's done......

Monologue Mania Day #632 by Janet S. Tiger  Nov. 5, 2015

                                                          (part 2)
                                           by Janet S. Tiger 
                                     (c) 2015 all rights reserved 

        (The young man enters, he is not quite as polite now, still nicely dressed, but with less veneer.  He holds out his hand to the audience)

Come on baby, this is a good spot.  I can always tell.  There's a lotta guys come by here, looking for a pretty girl like can make a lotta money here......and you don't hafta worry, I'll take care of it all for you.....they pay me, they make any trouble, they hafta deal with me, and they won't like that, they'll treat you nice, and maybe you get a good tip.....

         (Gets harsher)

Look baby, we been through this before in Vegas, you saw how good it can be, and how it works, right?  You're my girl, and these guys, they just pay for time with you, it ain't no different if you were an actress, and they were paying to see a movie.....or if you were a big athlete and they pay to see you play tennis, you know?  No difference...


You don't like it?  What choice you got, baby?  You wanna go home?  You wanna give up all the pretty clothes, the good stuff.....(he sniffs)....and the jewelry, and the shoes

         (He looks deep into the audience's eyes)

Do you really wanna give me up, baby?  To go back to those high school boys who never call you?  To the girls who won't talk to you?  

You got a family now, a real family who loves you.....I love you, yeah, the other girls are to help make money for the family, because a family needs money right?  You like that money, baby, so you can have all these nice things......But I love you the most, baby, you know that.....don't tell the other girls, cause they could get jealous of you, it'll be our secret....secrets are good, they make us closer, right?  And close is like being close to me.....I can is so beautiful baby.....I'd never leave you....and you'll never leave me....that's how it Romeo and Juliet....forever.....

         (He leans in, smiling)

You know you like this life always wanted to do something got it now...... you chose it, like you chose to be with me.... everything has its cost, baby, and you knew it when you took that first cigarette from me, we were meant to be together...forever.....        

       (He turns to leave, stops, looks back, now only business)

We need seven guys tonight, baby, so get to work.....and remember, don't worry about nothin'....because I'll be watchin' you......

        (He exits looking back, lights down, end of scene)

Monologue Mania Day # 662 Choices (part 3) by Janet S. Tiger Dec. 5, 2015

        (This is Marisol, the young Latina girl mentioned in Choices 1 and 2 - but now she's not as young as when she started.  She is dressed provocatively, and takes out a cigarette leaning in for someone to light it for her.  She is many things - confused, worried, but mostly angry)

You got a lotta nerve, doing what you just did.  Asking me to do this for you......You think I don't know you been nice to me to get to Xavier?

         (Listens, shakes head)

No, I didn't tell him about you because ,,,,,I didn't want him to hurt you.....he don't like other guys talking to me, taking me out....., 'specially when they don't pay....he gets real .......upset about that.....

        (She takes a big drag of the cigarette, blows it in the face of the person who lit her cigarette)

You should learn to smoke, Jorge, it would help you make more look cool when you smoke.....

You tell me that he's using me.  Yeah, I know, I got that.  My family don't like him....but that don't matter to me, because where were they when the boys don't talk to me.....or when the girls in school are mean to me,   Do you know what Xavier did to one girl who shoved me at school?  (Proud)  He went, and after he talked to that bitch, she was different, you know.  She came up, and she was real nice to me!  I noticed, she had a big bruise on her wrist, and she tried to cover it up, but I knew.

         (Touches her own wrist, rubs it)

Xavier's real strong...... she never bothered me again!

Nobody ever took care of me like that!  Ever!  In my whole life!  My Daddy was killed when I was ten, and my mother... she works all the time.  My brothers, I gotta  watch them, and I don't paid nothing for that, so the money I get from what I do, that's my money.  And maybe I share it with Xavier, but that's my business, right?  Not yours!

You say he's using me, but you want to use me, get information ......(gets upset)...and then who's gonna take care of me?  You tell me!  Is it gonna be you?  Let's say you arrest him, he'll be out in two hours, that's all it takes, he's got the best lawyer!  (Almost yelling)  So what happens to me?  Can you protect me?   And watch over my family?  Are you gonna put me in the witness protection?  And give me a big house?  And make sure nobody comes and kills me?  You gonna do that, big man?

           (Listens, laughs)

I didn't think so.......

            (She drops the cigarette, crushes it violently)

That's what he'll do to me if he thinks I'm ratting him out......and I don't think it matters which cop it is....even his own brother!

            (She exits. Blackout)

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