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Monologue Mania Day # 1502 Charade by Janet S. Tiger (c) March 27, 2018

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Monologue Mania Day # 1502  Charade  by Janet S. Tiger (c) March 27, 2018   

                                            Scene from a play by Janet S. Tiger 
                                                   © 2018 all rights reserved 

                (Two sisters are seen, one is just finished talking, the other is shaking her head)

S1 - Let me understand this - you want me to pretend that you went over to Mom's house and picked up the presents for Tom's birthday - - and that you brought them over to hospice, where Tom is sleeping for twenty hours a day, and say that you gave him the presents, which he liked.....and now you are going to tell Mom he liked the presents......did I get that right?

S2 -  Perfect!

S1 -  And you expect me to be a part of this .....charade?

S2 -  Of course - why not?  After all, it's a close race who is going to kick it first - your husband, or our mother!

S1 - Please don't forget honorable brother - who is taking care of mom!

S2 -  Oh he didn't look so bad - I don't think he'll go first.

S 1 - Really?  With his high blood pressure?  And no sleep?

S2 -  That would be me....

S 1 -  Oh, yeah......

S2  - Why are you so worried- you don't have to do anything except not say anything that will make mom suspicious....

S1 -  But....but..... you want me to remember this incredible story.....James Bond would have trouble getting this straight!

S 2-  We don't have to worry about him - he's not a member of our family!

S1 -  Thank God!

S2 - So we're all set?

S1 - Wait a minute - what about the actual presents? Are you going to have brother throw them out?

S2 -  No problem - Eddie is gonna hide them from mom in the garage - she'll never find them, and in a few days, I actually will go and pick them up....and bring them to Tom....

S1 - Who doesn't need them!

S2 -  How do you know?  Maybe they're nice....

S1 -  Do you remember the Christmas gifts?  Chocolate from years ago - it had mold on it!

S2 -  You're so picky!  And it's not very nice to say my presents were moldy ....

S1  They weren't your presents!

S2 -  Originally they were - I gave her those Whitman samplers five years ago.

S1 -  (Horrified)   How did we ever get to this!

S2 -  One step at a time, dear sister, one step at a time.....

        (She goes to sister and puts an arm around her)

S1 -  I'm all right

S2 -  Sure you are,  you just put hubby into hospice, you're doing great.

S1 -  It's just for a few days.....until I have a chance to rest....

S2 -  Right.........he's gonna be fine.....

S1 -  I know....just like the chocolate.....

         (They hug, end of scene)
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