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Monologue Mania Day # 1483 Good to Hear Your Voice - new first scene by Janet S. Tiger (c) March 7, 2018

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Monologue Mania Day # 1483  Good to Hear Your Voice - new first scene by Janet S. Tiger (c) March 7, 2018      

                   Good to Hear Your Voice (new first scene)

                                                  A monologue by Janet S. Tiger 
                                                   © 2018 all rights reserved 


            (Two older actresses enter at the same time, both with scripts in hand.  One is AMY who is looking at her script, the other LAURA who is checking her script with surprise)

LAURA -  (Not really happy)  I’m so glad you got here early…

AMY -  I wanted to talk with the director about the cuts….. I already did some, I think you’ll both
agree they work…

            (She hands Laura the script and Laura riffles through quickly, in greater surprise as she goes)

LAURA -  Very interesting….

AMY -  Thank you..

LAURA – (Furious)  Yes, it looks you like you’ve cut…..ALL MY LINES!

AMY  -  Do you have a problem with that?

LAURA – (Fake sweet)  Yes, I think I might….

AMY -  (Not seeing this) Oh, I thought it would give you a break from memorizing…after all you
ARE playing a woman with dementia….

LAURA – I’ll show you dementia!

AMY – And I’m sure you’ll do that very well….

LAURA -  Amazing!   I thought you might want to leave me ONE LITTLE PART OF MY LIFE!

AMY – Whatever are you talking about?  Dear, you know they picked us for these parts because we
do so well together on stage….do you remember our last reviews…..

LAURA -  (Reverent)  Amy Cartwright and Laura Mansfield shine like…..

AMY/LAURA (Together)– Stars in the theater sky!

LAURA -  Wait a minute, don’t try to change the subject!  God, I feel like I’m the middle of a play!

AMY – But we are my dear…

           (She waves the script)

AMY – I really think you’re going to thank me….

LAURA – (Sputtering) Thank you!  Thank YOU!

AMY -  And you are more than welcome!

LAURA -  Amazing!  A fucking-mazing!   Isn’t it enough that you had an affair with my husband? 

AMY -  Oh, my dear, that was years ago!

LAURA -  Last year!  You guys were at it again- last year!

AMY -  Oh, that.  I didn’t realize you knew about that…

LAURA -  Yes, I knew.  You told me, remember?  But now, my son!  You have to try my son, too?

AMY -  Oh, that.

LAURA -  Yes, that!

AMY -  How could you possibly know about that?

LAURA -  I walked in on you two last month!  Don’t you remember?

AMY -  (A bit embarrassed)  Oh…. that.  (Thinking)  Was that you in the doorway?  It was hard to
see with the light behind you, and then you left, I didn’t think there was a problem….

LAURA -  No problem?  No problem!

AMY -  There, I was right again.

LAURA -  You are unbelievable!

AMY -  No, I’m not!  In that review by Weldon, he said no matter how ridiculous and trite the
dialogue, my truth always shines through, that I could make any character believable!

LAURA -  That’s because you are the biggest liar in the world!

AMY -  Potato, potahto….and I don’t see what’s making you so upset about all this now, everything
you’re talking about is in the past….

LAURA -  Is it?  Is it really?  Who else of my relatives and friends have you been boffing all these

AMY -  Oh, I don’t think we have enough time for that right now, the director will be here
soon….what is his name again?

LAURA -  Jerry, Jerry Tomani….

AMY – Is he Italian?

LAURA -  Wouldn’t you know better, dear, you slept with him, too!

AMY -  Oh, never ask those things in bed, too personal…

LAURA -  (Thinking)  You said the list was too long, oh, my God, you didn’t …you couldn’t, have
(deep breath, horrified) slept with my father!

AMY – Oh, no, he was always devoted to your mother….

LAURA -  (Deep relief)  Thank God for that, at least I can leave some honor intact….

AMY -  Now, your mother…..

LAURA -  (Covers her ears)  No!  I do not want to hear any more! 

AMY -  Oh, I didn’t sleep with her…very much…..

LAURA -  (Very quiet)  I have made a decision……

AMY -  Oh, that’s wonderful dear… always makes a person happy to make decisions!

LAURA -  I’m going to kill you!

AMY -  Oh…..I don’t think that’s part of the script…..

LAURA -  If you can cut all my lines, maybe I can cut yours, in a more permanent way…..

            (She starts to hunt furiously)

LAURA -  Where did they put it?

AMY -  What, dear?

LAURA -  The knife!  There’s always a knife on this set, to cut the damn apple in that last scene!

AMY -  Oh, I can’t remember those details, a good actor always can pantomime!

LAURA -  Well, pantomime this…

            (She runs after Amy who realizes there might be a problem and runs away.  As they are in the middle of this, a voice is heard from the seats)

DIRECTOR -  Are you two done warming up?  Let’s do the real play now!

            (The two stop and suddenly they become the characters in the play)

AMY -  Laura?  It's me, Amy.

LAURA -   Are you the new nurse?

AMY -  It's Amy, and I have a new idea for this week.......

LAURA -  Is it lunchtime?  I think I'm hungry.

AMY -  I believe lunch is over for today.  We speak every day, Laura, and on the phone, you
seem to remember my that's why I brought you this....

LAURA -  I can't use one of these, they call it a smart phone, but I'm not so smart anymore....

AMY -  That's OK, if you hold it and turn this way....

AMY-  Ring, ring…..

LAURA -  Hello?

AMY -  Hi, Laura, it's me, Amy....

LAURA -  Hi, Amy, good to hear your voice!

AMY -  Good to hear your voice, how are you today?

LAURA -  Not too bad.  How are you doing?

AMY -  Jesse's fine and the new grandbaby's getting through the night...

LAURA -  That's a blessing!  My kids are around here somewhere.....but now that they're
teenagers, I just worry about them coming home at night!

AMY -  (Sighs)  That can be a problem.....

LAURA -  Hey, I got a letter the other day, from that girl we knew back in 6th grade, you know…

AMY/LAURA (Together)  The bully?

(They laugh)

LAURA -   Oh, was she mean!  What was her name?

AMY -  Geraldine…..Remember how she used to torment you?

LAURA -  You had to go home early, and she would wait until you left, and then she would get
her friends and they would surround me..... and they would stamp their feet and sometimes even pull my hair!  And then one day....

AMY -  You couldn't take it any more.....

LAURA -  And I started punching her, hard! And she had to go to the nurse!

AMY -  And then....

LAURA -  Then she wanted to be friends!  And after awhile, you saw she wasn't so bad, and we all
stayed friends until now.....except, she doesn't call me anymore, like you call, every day.....

AMY -  She doesn't call because she died three years ago, Laura…

LAURA -  Oh, I forgot that part.  I like to forget the unpleasant things....

       (Laura suddenly turns to see Amy and is surprised)

LAURA -  Oops, I can't talk anymore, there's someone here.  Someone is always coming in to
check on me, it drives me crazy!  We can talk more tomorrow, bye!

            (Hangs up phone)

LAURA -  Are you the new nurse?  Is it time for lunch?

AMY -  Lunch is over, but I thought maybe you'd like to take a walk.

LAURA -  That sounds like a good idea.

       (Amy takes Laura's elbow and they head out)

LAURA -  Are you new here?

AMY -  Yes, I am.  Every time......

LAURA -  You'll like it, the people are nice, and the food is very good.  It's almost time for
lunch you know....

AMY -  What would you like?

              (She puts the phone into her purse)

LAURA -  Oh, don't forget that!  My friend will be calling any minute now.  She calls me every
day, we went to school together, then we went into the theater together, and we were in a lot of plays together….I can still remember all the lines from those plays……. her name is.....what is her name?

AMY -  Amy, her name is Amy.

LAURA -   How did you know?

AMY  -  Because my name is Amy.

LAURA -  What a coincidence!  Her name is Amy.  We went to school together ….(Herself for a
moment)  You know…….I think the real bully is…time…..only, I can’t
figure out how to fight it….(Distant again)  Are you the new nurse?

AMY -  Laura, what if I told you that....I was Amy.....

LAURA -  (Laughs)  You're so funny!  I know I get confused, but you're not Amy!  

AMY - How do you know?

LAURA -  It's simple - Amy is much younger!

AMY -  And how old is that?

LAURA -  Oh, that's tough, 26, 27?  Same as me! It's so wonderful to have a friend you've
known since you were little......

AMY -  Yes, I is a gift......

LAURA -  Yes, and she calls me every day….it’s so good to hear her voice….she is my most
consistent friend….

(Amy leads her out as lights dim.  Never the end for friends)
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