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Monologue Mania Day # 1495 Equal Night (for the Equinox and Osculation) by Janet S. Tiger (c) March 20, 2018

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Monologue Mania Day # 1495 Equal Night (for the Equinox and Osculation) by Janet S. Tiger (c) March 20, 2018   

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                                      Equal Night (for the Equinox - and Osculation)
                                                   a monologue by Janet S. Tiger 
                                                   © 2018 all rights reserved 

       (Ariana and Isaac are looking at the night sky)

ISAAC -  The day before the equinox...///you know it means 'equal night'  so the night before is...almost equal, the day and night, and yet, not quite....just a few minutes difference......it's a little magical..

ARIANA -  (Amused)  And what exactly do you see as magical? 

ISAAC -  The universe!....Here....did you ever watch a time lapse of ...the pyramid at Chichen Itza!

        (He shows her his phone and she shakes her head)

ARIANA -  Wow, the snake God has a shadow!  Woohoo!  Yet the whole discussion of equal is so fake!  There is no equal on this planet!  Maybe nowhere!  Even with the 12 hours of day, and 12 hours of night, there is no place where it is EXACTLY equal!  And I will not even discuss equal of any other kind, because no society is close to offering equal rights to its citizens!  But you with your talk about...magical!  I notice that not a word of spring is mentioned in your....equal night...I mean spring!  That's the magical part don't you think?  When things start to grow again!  The buds start to show and the flowers are coming soon, and summer is around the corner!  When life takes a new leap into the unknown!  And there is nothing equal about life, my friend!  Nothing comes close to life! 

           (Isaac looks at her, she smiles at him and touches his face.  He leans in and then kisses her, end of scene)

There are some fantastic events at the equinox - click here for a few like Stonehenge and the above  mentioned in Mexico.

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