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Monologue Mania Day #513 Travel Toys by Janet S. Tiger July 10, 2015

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Monologue Mania Day #513 by Janet S. Tiger  July 10, 2015
                 This is actually a group scene, but there is a monologue that can be developed here......

                                   Travel Toys
                                            (for Caregivers Anonymous)                             
                          A monologue by Janet S. Tiger   © all rights reserved                                                                                            

           (The woman has a big box that she brings and puts onto the wheelchair.  She is smiling, but one can sense that is covering a little crazy - maybe not covering it so well, either)

Hi everyone!  I just wanted to come back to visit everyone before I send in my paperwork for the Shark Tank....I figure you could help me improve my pitch to them.....because you see, I have the greatest new idea in the whole world, an idea no one has ever seen before......TRAVEL TOYS!

             (The group looks a bit surprised)

Oh, maybe I should say right away that these are travel toys.....for seniors!

There are over 34 million unpaid caregivers in the US alone, and when you are taking care of seniors,  it's a lot like taking care of children.....maybe that's why they call it...second childhood!

Well, when you have to keep a senior occupied for hours, days, without help, you need to have something that will give you that help......Senior Travel Toys!

            (She opens the box and removes keys, shakes them)

Remember how a one year old loves to play with keys...well, so do seniors!  And these look just like real keys!  They make all the same noises that your car keys do - only your senior will not be able to drive with them!  They can't start the car, drive down the street, crash into anyone!  But they won't be able to remember that for long, so you can use them almost every day!  Now this....

         (She pulls a book from the box)

This is a book that can talk!  And you can put in photos from the senior's family!  And it will keep them occupied for you can make dinner or do the wash!  A truly great literary aid.

But this.....this is the best.....

           (She takes out a phone)
This looks like a real phone, and you can even dial.......

           (She pokes at the buttons)

But doesn't work!  And they can't figure out why!
These are all part of my invention.....and for just a million dollars, you can have 50% of what has got to be the greatest opportunity of a lifetime!

          (The others are laughing, all except for the soldier's wife, who is horrified.  She stands and looks at the group)

WIFE - What are you all laughing about - this is the most horrible thing that I have ever seen!  And you all encourage this!  I have been listening all night and I don't understand who allows a group like this to continue!  I am going to report you all!

         (She turns to go and the leader stops her)

LEADER -  We listened to you talk about how you wanted to kill your husband.....and no one complained, and do you know why?  Because we have all been there, where you are today.  And we are all there for each other, every day....because we all hate those we love sometimes......but most of all, we love them, and we come here so we can continue to care.....and take if you want to complain, we will listen....but never, do you hear us?  Never, threaten to stop us........

           (End of scene....more tomorrow)

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