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Monologue Mania Day #482 Why? (from THE CANTOR'S THEME) by Janet S. Tiger June 9, 2015

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Monologue Mania Day #482 Why (from THE CANTOR'S THEME) by Janet S. Tiger  June 9, 2015
          This is from a screenplay THE CANTOR'S THEME that is mostly finished  (Below is taken from the script and adapted to be a longer monologue than in the screenplay.)

                           A monologue by Janet S. Tiger   © all rights reserved  2009                                                                                     tigerteam1@gmail.com
    (The Cantor is speaking to a Polish woman who is helping his family.)

You say you will never understand Jews?  That I do not mind, what does bother me is....why do you hate us?  

       (He waves his hands at her protest)

All right not you, but these people in this town, we grew up with them, we know them, they know us.   Yet they still turn us over to the Germans….
            (He rubs his leg and she notices.)

You want to know how this happened?  I'll tell you.....I was born in a small town near Belgrade, one much like this.  I was about 17.

It was a Friday night, and I’d stayed after services to help the rabbi and my father close up.  They always stayed late to discuss the Torah, and I would leave to go home by myself.   Maybe I wasn’t paying attention…
            (He suddenly starts to walk as a younger man walking, singing, not noticing a group of drunk young men approaching.  They they chase him and he falls to the ground from the beating.)

 I was lucky they didn’t kill me, but my leg was broken badly.  Even though I was almost fully grown, the break was on what they call the growth plate, and so when I had a late growth spurt a year later, the rest of me grew, but not the leg.  My good luck.
(Smiles) But it was also lucky because this leg kept me out of the army.  They didn’t want a lame       Jew.   Well, the good thing, I don’t need a leg to sing!
But it's also true – a cantor never gets rich.  My father was a cantor – of his five sons, I was the only one who had a voice, and more important, the interest.  But I wasn’t  sure – especially after they hurt me.  And he took me to our synagogue, and he said to me  (as his father) –‘Some people can build a house.  Not us, we are all thumbs.  Other people are good with horses – in our family, we just get the horse’s leftovers…if you know what I mean.  But a  house can burn down, and horses die – when you can sing, you give people something in their heart they can never lose – you give them hope.’
And that’s how I became a cantor!

        (He turns to leave, stops, looks back) 

 That – and the fact the girl I wanted to marry loved to hear me sing……

       (He exits singing)
Anyone interested in reading the entire script, please contact me.  Thanks!
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