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Monologue Mania Day # 1261 Found It! (for Two Sisters) by Janet S. Tiger (c) July 28, 2017

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Monologue Mania Day # 1261 Found It! (for Two Sisters) by Janet S. Tiger (c) July 28, 2017       

             Not sure where this will go, but am sure I can find a corner for it!  
For other scenes from Two Sisters, please see Days #

                                            Found it! (for Two Sisters)
                                               by Janet S. Tiger  (c) 2017 all rights reserved 

Two characters -
Father - in 80s
Daughter - younger than 80s, but not feeling it today

         (Daughter enters, looks around, starts to go into drawers, under couch, etc.  Father comes out and shakes head)

FATHER -  I found it.

DAUGHTER -  You did?  When?

FATHER -  Yesterday, after you left.

DAUGHTER -  Why didn't you tell me?

FATHER - You're always so busy....

DAUGHTER -  So busy I come over here almost every other day!  And were you going to let me keep searching?

FATHER -  I told you, didn't I?  You're always looking for something!

DAUGHTER -  Well, where was it?

FATHER -  Where was what?

DAUGHTER -  What you found!

FATHER -  I found the butter the other day, right in the freezer, where it belonged.

DAUGHTER -  I remember!  I had looked through the whole freezer, and then you just....found it!

FATHER -  Good for me....

DAUGHTER -  (Thinking)  Wait a minute, did you find the belt?

FATHER -  (Pleased with himself)  I did.

DAUGHTER -  Well, don't keep me in suspense!  Where did you find it?

FATHER -  Come with me.....

        (He walks slowly, VERY slowly, to a door, and opens it)

DAUGHTER -  I looked in there.

FATHER -  Of course you did.  But not good enough!

         (She looks in the closet, still not there!)

DAUGHTER -  So, where is it?  I even opened these suitcases!

FATHER -  It's here......just attention....

DAUGHTER -  That's just what I say to you.....

FATHER -  So I guess it'll work for you, too, right?

DAUGHTER -  You're impossible....

          (She pulls out a walker with a seat and a bag, keeps looking then stops)

DAUGHTER -  Wait a minute......

FATHER -  The light dawns....

          (She turns back to the walker and looks inside the bag, it's there!)

DAUGHTER -  Oh my God, you hid it so well!

FATHER -  Thank you, I try.

DAUGHTER -  Oh, I know you do, Daddy.  What a talent!  Maybe we can go on TV......

FATHER -  I'm holding out for Shark Tank.....

DAUGHTER -  (Smiling, pretends to be annoyed)  Daddy!

         (Looks at belt, shakes head)

DAUGHTER -  This was missing a long time, I'd almost given up hope.  But here, very original!

FATHER -  And the best part is, when I put it in the bag, I just knew it was a bad place.....

DAUGHTER -  Then why did you put it there?

FATHER -  I forgot where I put it, do you really think I remember why I put it there?

DAUGHTER -  I've been hanging around you so long, that somehow, it makes sense.....

FATHER -  And the best part is, I found something else....

DAUGHTER -  Really, I didn't know anything else was missing.....

FATHER -  From a long time ago, it was very exciting....

DAUGHTER -  What was it?

FATHER -  I don't remember.


FATHER -  You heard me.  By the time I got to the phone to tell you I'd found it, I forgot what it was.
I was hoping you'd remember.

DAUGHTER -  (Frustrated)  Remember what?

FATHER -  What I found.

DAUGHTER -  How can I remember if you don't?

FATHER -  You want me to do everything?

DAUGHTER -  How about a clue?

FATHER -  Do I look like Sherlock Holmes?

DAUGHTER -  Let me get this straight - you forgot what you found!  Oh, Daddy, what am I gonna do with you?

FATHER -  Well you'd better think of a good line because this is the end of the scene....

               (She hugs him.  Lights down)

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