Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Monologue Mania Day #1084 For Archival Purposes Only by Janet S. Tiger (c) Jan. 31, 2017

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Monologue Mania Day #1084 For Archival Purposes Only by Janet S. Tiger (c) Jan. 31, 2017

                            For Archival Purposes Only
                   by Janet S. Tiger all rights reserved

                          (The actor enters.....but it's just the writer again)

Half a year, half a year, half a year onward!  

That's what this is - half a year into a grant, into a project that I live and breathe every day.  First time.  The dramaturg is a woman, a friend, who many years ago gave me excellent advice about writing.  I discussed with her I had always hated being told by teachers - (imitates with derision)  'write about what you know'.      

Well, she told me better advice would be to write about ....what I was passionate about.  Now that made sense.  I was young then.  When you are young you - just by the reality of years - you think you know everything, but in reality, you really don't know very much -which adults are very quick to remind you! -hence, less to write about.  But passion! Ahhhh!  Passion is your life when you are young.  Hormones rule - emotions rule! 

And then, the years do pass.  Pass is a big part of passion.  This too shall pass.  And this year has passed in a blur, but I will acknowledge, that I do like - in a strange, sado-masochistic way - the archival nature of this project.  Progress report is what it's called.

I am irritated by the extra work - at first.  Then something happens, as I re-live the last few months and find that there is a struggle in me to find the passion of youth, even though I know it is not the same, will never be the same.

For this play is about what I know - taking care of others.  And it is something I am passionate about because I have a belief the future will be more of this, not just for me, but for millions. Yet the energy of youth is not the same as the energy of 61.....

And I have had to face other realities as this past year made me watch some difficult events - a friend lose a spouse of 60 years - - another friend I love dearly sometimes does not remember who I am.... loved ones who struggle with illness......I realize that in another 30 years (if I am still around)...I will probably not have as much energy as I do today.

The archiving of our memories....of our lives, our dreams, it gives pause.  And I am grateful for all the gifts I have received.  The obvious ones - and the ones cloaked in the veils of sadness, loss, upset and worry.  

And unlike the organized souls who discard the hazy photos, the photos that are poorly composed, or splotched - or where someone closed their eyes (that would be me) - I save them all.  That's what archives are for - and I thank you all for listening to my daily tales....

            (I turn to leave, stop, look forward - because at this point, maybe it's time to stop looking back)
Two weeks before I finish year three of this daily blog - and start my fourth!  I think.  Never know.  That's the fun of....the theater.

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