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Monologue Mania Day #1082 I Hate Jews! (the monologue) by Janet S. Tiger (c) Jan. 28, 2017

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Monologue Mania Day #1082 I Hate Jews!  (the monologue) by Janet S. Tiger (c) Jan. 29, 2017

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                             ©     I Hate Jews!
                          by Janet S. Tiger all rights reserved

                                                       I HATE JEWS!  By Janet S. Tiger © Jan. 27, 2017

(Young man enters, he is angry.  This is Bryan, and he looks at his father, sitting in an easy chair, reading.)

BRYAN-  I hate Jews!  Didja hear me, Dad?  I said that I hate Jews!
From the first day I remember you tellin' me stuff, I knew Jews were the enemy, and they were the worst, because the others didn't have money like the Jews, and the Jews used all their money to keep us down.

             (Listens, shakes head)

BRYAN -  What’s eatin' my ass know that girl I been hangin' out with, Christie?

           (Clenches fists)

BRYAN -  Dad!  Don’t talk about her that way….that's girl...and we’re kinda thinkin about getting’ married……(listens, annoyed) No, she’s not pregnant!  (Sighs) But, her father is big into family....before we get, you know married or have a baby...

           (He waves some papers, his father takes them)

BRYAN -  Christie, she saw this ad on TV.....(Breathes heavy)  She wanted to know who I was, what our family was.    So she sent some of my DNA in…and these, these are the results, Dad.....

        (He points to something on the pages)

BRYAN -  There, read that!  Eastern European ancestry...... do you know what that means?
(shakes his head sadly)  No, it doesn’t mean some of our ancestors were Pollacks.  Incredible!  Boy this harder than I thought.....when she saw that, she made me get tested for all these diseases, and you know what came up?

Tay Sachs….and no,  it’s not something to eat…. (Scornful) It's a idiot...

          (He gets smacked across the face, pulls back)

BRYAN -  It's a bad disease, kind of like it kills your baby.....
It's a disease  (reading)...primarily found Ashkenazi Jews.....

         (Watches, nods)

BRYAN -  No punch?  No reaction at all?  Do you know what that means, Dad?  It's from the patrilineal side - that means you, Dad!  That's means... there's a Jew in the woodpile!

         (The papers are ripped from his hands, fall on the floor.)

BRYAN -  That's really smart, I guess the Polish part landed in you, right?

         (He almost gets smacked but this time he ducks)

BRYAN -  It's just a copy, we have the originals.....did you know?  Or did you suspect that all along because you love money so much!

           (He listens, is amazed)

BRYAN -  Wow!  So it’s true…..and you always knew…You can’t turn away now, you hafta listen…..unless I was adopted, I’m part Jew… can I hate, part of me……

              (Puts the papers away, stands, then turns to the audience))

BRYAN -  And then my Dad hugged me, and we had a beer together……
              And that’s exactly how it went… my brain….the truth is, my father beat the crap    
outta me – I still have a scar here…..

            (Points to his temple)

BRYAN -  And I haven’t seen my father in four years…..and I broke up with Christie, because she didn’t wanna marry a Jew, let alone one with a marker for a disease!  And my brothers and sisters don’t talk to me….and I don’t get it, I mean, they have Jewish blood, too?  Right?

So here I am, rabbi, ready to learn….but first, just one question… do I stop hating….myself?

              (Blackout.  Not the end for prejudice)

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