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Monologue Mania Day #1078 The Return of Savannah (for Caregivers Anonymous) by Janet S. Tiger (c) Jan. 25, 2017

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Monologue Mania Day #1078 The Return of Savannah (for Caregivers Anonymous) by Janet S. Tiger (c) Jan. 25, 2017

        For the series on Caregivers Anonymous - about a year after the pilot episode
                             The Return of Savannah©
                          by Janet S. Tiger all rights reserved

(There is a sound and everyone looks and is happily surprised.  Savannah enters and the others greet her, very glad to see her, - how are you, you look great -  she is glowing, dressed in an expansive coat, which she opens to show she is pregnant.

The others are very happy, only Gemma holds back a little, but no one notices.  Savannah points at her own belly.

SAVANNAH -  This is because of you!

CLARK -  Not me!

JEANNIE -  We know it's not fault, I think she was being inclusive...

SAVANNAH -  You're right-  all of you are responsible!  I'm sorry I couldn't come for a few months, but it's been so busy!

          (The others pepper her with questions - when is it due?  How are you feeling? when Jeannie puts up her hands and everyone stops)

JEANNIE -  Why don't we let Savannah tell us, instead of the guessing game!

SAVANNAH -  I just had to come back, and let everyone know that, well, if it wasn't for this group, well, this wouldn't have happened!  (She holds her stomach)  You see, after those first few times here, Franklin got me to talk to his friend at the VA, and he called our Congressman, and all of a sudden, it was like, things started to happen!  I mean, within 48 hours, we had appointments at doctors, and the VA administration, and Terry's alcohol problem was diagnosed as part of PTSD, so everything is covered now!  They started him on a new physical therapy, and Terry, he....he stood up for the first time since the accident.  He may never walk, but, he's on a waiting list for a helper dog, and.....(she takes a deep breath)..and we started therapy, and....(hard to talk about, she's almost in tears)  and on the third visit, the therapist, Dr. Lindemann, he had Terry read me the letter, you know the letter that they write to family before they ship out......just in case they don't come back.......Terry had never shown me that letter, because he...well, he came back.....but then.....

          (She hunts for a kleenex and they all pass one to her)

SAVANNAH -  In the letter, he told me if anything happened to him, to go ahead and ....well, you know, have his baby.....because that way, I could look into the baby's eyes, and see him.....and he knew he could be with me.....forever.......   so, we started with the...well, you know how it works....

          (She rubs her belly again)

SAVANNAH -  And I didn't want to come to this meeting until we were sure everything was ok, and it is, and I'm due in four months, and ......I just wanted to thank you all....I mean I don't know all of you here tonight, but everyone here who helped me, I really appreciate it!  Look, I can't stay for the rest of the meeting, but I just had let you all know that.....success happens!

          (The others cheer her and wave goodbye as she leaves.  As the lights dim, Jeannie notices Gemma watching Savannah almost wistfully.  End of scene)

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