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Monologue Mania Day #1056 Pirate Daze by Janet S. Tiger (c) Jan. 3, 2017

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Monologue Mania Day #1056 Pirate Daze by Janet S. Tiger (c) Jan. 3, 2017

                                             Pirate Daze
 (Not really) A Monologue   
by Janet S. Tiger 
                                      © all rights reserved

Okay, today is not a true monologue - it has two characters, but the main part is a monologue.

This is part of a movie/TV series that I am working on now (in my spare time)
Alan Ryan, a computer-loving young man from the near future - ok, he's a bit geeky, but cute (think Shia LaBeouf) - works for the government trying to stop Internet piracy, and stumbles on an experimental use of Google - the ability to travel through time- FOR REAL!  

In his first foray into the past (which is cleverly explained in two sentences or less) our hero decides to meet one of his favorite heros - a handsome (think Clark Gable and Nathan Fillion) and dashing and fantastic pirate captain, but.....he makes a slight miscalculation (even geeks can make mistakes) and lands on the wrong ship.  After being rescued (in a magnificent scene, of course) from the horrible British navy vessel where he made the mistake of landing, and after the showing of the portable time travel device, he has just asked the Captain......

ALAN-  So, why are you a pirate?

         (The captain -did I mention he's very handsome?- looks amazed at the question.)
CAPTAIN-  Why be a pirate, young man?  You ask me (imitates the accent) 'why be a pirate'? (Laughs) Why did you come back to visit?

          (Alan tries to explain but the Captain waves his hand, Alan is instantly quiet)
CAPTAIN -  You know why...that's why you picked me, didn't you, boy?  Yes, you picked me because even in a thousand years, everyone will still know what a life we lead!  

Now we may all have come here by route of different paths - some of us are hiding from something....

          (A few of the listening pirates will look around.)
CAPTAIN - All right, many of us!

But some of us have come for the wonder of how the sea looks in the morning just when you're leaving a harbor, or how the animals of the waves can lead you to a safe shore........what it feels like on a stormy day when it is only you and your shipmates between life and death....

We are not merely sailors, like the naval fools on the ship you were foolish to be picked up by.....we are the ...future.....look at us, boy.....everyone is here for one reason and one reason only.  Gold.

We share it by a fair method, we have an actual paper that explains how we are to do this, and how we are to settle our disputes!  We are all equal on this ship - every man is entitled to his same portion as the position he holds.  It does not matter where he was born, not the land, nor the flag, nor his parents, or whether he attended a fine naval academy or ........(enjoys this)....or if he was just seized by a British vessel that needed someone to clean the captain's chamberpot!

          (The men roar at this and some hit a younger boyish fellow - this is who the Captain was                     talking about.)
CAPTAIN - No!  We are all here in the pursuit of the grandest of all things- gold!  Gold coins - gold bullion.....and of course we'll take anything -grain, livestock- ladies underwear! - as long as we can turn it into gold!  We want to have enough because we all want to enjoy our lives while we are alive!  While we are young!  And when we get old......we want to have enough gold to enjoy the end our life as much as we have enjoyed these few years on the oceans!

            (He turns to look at Alan)
CAPTAIN-  Does that it explain why we are pirates?
ALAN-  (Nodding)  I guess......in some ways, over the years.....not much is gonna change....

            (The Captain laughs and throws back his head.)

CAPTAIN -  I've never been to your time and I could've told you that, boy.....come on now, let's show you around and maybe we can find a use for you and that magic box you have.....
ALAN-  Computer!  It's called a computer, well actually a Google time tablet, but.....

            (As Alan follows on the tour he looks back over the railing of the ship at the sea and smiles.)
ALAN - (Quietly)  Never been to our time.....yet......

             (End of scene)


First posted     March 7, 2014  Monologue Mania Day #23 

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