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Monologue Mania Day #1085 Genesis (a one-act) by Janet S. Tiger (c) Feb. 1, 2017

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Monologue Mania Day #1085 Genesis (a one-act)  by Janet S. Tiger (c) Feb. 1, 2017

                   by Janet S. Tiger all rights reserved

                                                                         Genesis ©
                                         by Janet S. Tiger   © All rights reserved 2015

Setting – simple set, bare stage

Characters – (in order of appearance)
                1 Female  youngish
                1 Male       youngish

 (A woman comes out.  She is barely covered - just the important spots.  She is eating an apple.)

EVE - Mmmm,mmmmm,mmmm, this is good.  I just love these, I don't care what he      calls them, I think I'm giving it my own name.......John, Peter, Paul...Mack...that's good, a Mack apple.  Juicy and delicious.

       (She chomps down, finishes and throws the core away)

EVE - I wish we had something to put garbage in.... I hate to just throw stuff on the           ground.  Maybe that snake will show me where I can get a....what would I call                    it.....a garbage pail.  That's a good name....I just love knowing things......what a     great tree! 

         (She pulls another apple out of her skimpy outfit as Adam runs onstage, worried)

ADAM -  Put that down!  I told you to hide!  We’re gonna be in big trouble, the least you     can do is hide the evidence….

 (He takes a good look at Eve, very appreciative)

ADAM -  Where’d you get that?

EVE – (Happy)  This old thing? 

ADAM -  (Pulls himself back to reality) Look, are you paying attention? Did you hear           anything I said?

EVE -  If you don’t listen to me, I don’t have to listen to you - a guy who’s short a rib!     Ooh, I think we’re having our first fight…..maybe I should post it on           Facebook….of course with no one else around, how could a change in status           make a lot of difference?

ADAM – (Pulling his hair) Oh, my God!  (Looks up)  Sorry……Why did I have to eat that    apple!

EVE - And stop complaining!  Daddy won’t notice a few apples, there’s plenty!  And that    snaky guy sure was nice.  Okay, his skin was a little slimy, but I'm sure that's just     adolescence.  And I don't care what everyone says, I trust him.  I mean, why do I    have to listen to some faceless voice?  What did the snake call it when you hear   voices?  Schizo!  I don't wanna be that.  Nope, we did the right thing eating these apples.....I mean, what could possibly go wrong when you put your mouth on           something that tastes so good.....I have no regrets!  Except I look like Daisy May    in this outfit, but hey, maybe there's a Nordstrom Tree Rack around here           someplace.....

          (She is about to take a bite, when a voice is heard, they drop down, start trying to        sneak off)

ADAM -.Our father!  Now we're in for it.......I betcha we get grounded!

EVE - Daddy'll never kick us out.....he just couldn't!  Come on, I know a great place to       hide…..under the bleachers….and the snake had some other great ideas……..

           (They exit, Adam looking back and shaking his head.   We hear sounds of oohing          and aahing, and Adam returns, smiling, he is really a man now!  Then he runs         off, grabs a big package and walks off, sweating but singing.  We now see Eve,       walking slowly. She is now wrapped up a bit better and carrying a big pile of stuff    – she stumbles and she is very annoyed)

EVE -  I can't believe he did it!  He thinks he's so big and powerful, ok, I get it!  But I mean, who woulda thought?  That he'd actually follow through!  On his own  children!  Who does that?  And such a stupid thing, to eat an apple and get           kicked out!  I mean it wasn't like LSD or anything serious!  Boy, one tiny, little           mistake....okay we disobeyed, but hey, nobody's perfect, right?

            (She looks around)

EVE - And where the hell is Adam?  How come I get to carry all this stuff?  I hope this               walking behind dragging everything is not gonna be a trend, because I don't like       it.....

           (She sets down the baggage and her coat falls open to show she is pregnant.                She rubs her belly)

EVE - And this is no great delight either.....I wonder how it happened….another           mystery….well, whatever is in there is kicking up a storm......none of this was my      fault....if I'd had a good soap opera to watch or maybe some HBO, I never would been having a latte with that stupid snake.  Well, I'll know better for next time.

             (She looks around)

EVE – Where is that man?  I’ll bet he forgot to take out the garbage before we left….I          guess the garbage is no big deal, it’s a big world, plenty of room for           garbage…..Well, I'd better catch up with Adam, maybe he'll know what to do           about whatever's happening in here.......maybe some Pepto Bismol will help......

               (She grabs her stomach, almost falls to her knees)

EVE - Whoa, that was no kick.......that was......painful.......What a sensation!  .But it also    felt like, the beginning of something ......amazing........

               (She struggles to her feet, taking a few of the items with her)

EVE -.......what should I call it this .....I cain't think of the word....CAIN, now that sounds         interesting....

               (She turns to leave, stops, looks back)

EVE ......maybe I'll be able to get through this after all......Able......

                (She walks off slowly.  When she returns, she is in a dark covering, her head   is bowed.  She comes and kneels, then lifts her head to the sky)

EVE -  I know you told me that it would hurt to have these babies, but.....I didn't believe          you.  How much pain could it be?  I watched the other animals, they give birth       quickly, and, ok, maybe mine took a little longer, but it wasn't so bad.  And the          result!  These beautiful little beings, made in our image!  I felt ……just like you      must have felt!  Only.....a little more messy.

            (She gets up, goes and starts collecting something off the ground.  Rocks.            Which she holds in one hand throughout the next)

EVE - And the joy when they grow, all right, some annoyance.  They do not listen, they    want to do what they want to do.......I'm sure you can understand that!

          Then they pick a profession.  I wanted Cain to be a doctor, but he picked farming,        ok, like his father. We couldn't complain.  I mean we did, but he pointed out that       becoming a doctor was going to take centuries before there were any good        schools, and the interest on the loans would just be prohibitive.  So, a farmer he         is.

           And Abel, with those stupid, smelly sheep.  Okay, they make nice warm clothes,         but that constant  'baah, baah....... humbug!  It gets to you after awhile..........

           But the surprise was......(she chokes up).......where the pain really comes from in ain't in the giving' much it hurts when one of           them....... dies!

           You let us find out for ourselves....... nice plot twist.......

           (She takes the rocks and puts them on a spot)

EVE -I tried putting dust on this grave, but it blows away.  I think I'll just leave these           rocks.  They might last longer......

          Although, there is no way those rocks will last longer than my love.....

            (Adam enters, head bowed, sees her and goes over to put his hand on her           shoulder.)

ADAM – I don’t think you should stay here anymore….you might become a…(thinks)..a          pillar of salt…

EVE-  What the hell is that?

ADAM -  What is what?  Oh the pillar thing….I got it from this….

            (He pulls a book out of his pocket, shows it to her)

EVE – (Suspicious)  Where’d you get that?

ADAM – It was in the nightstand next to the bed……but look, it’s all about us….and the     future!  There are some wonderful stories……

           (Eve looks, shakes her head)

ADAM – But it’s a best seller!

EVE -  It’s no Harry Potter…….

ADAM -  But it has great wisdom ….something for everyone…..

EVE -  That’s a lotta pages…..I think I’ll wait for the movie…..

ADAM-  That’s gonna be a few years….from what Daddy told us, we’re not gonna live     forever anymore….

EVE -  Oh, Daddy, he’s a lotta talk, but I know he’ll change his mind sooner or           later….and show us how to splice genes and do DNA stuff so we can  live           forever again….

ADAM -  Maybe down the road, but for now….we still have one child left….maybe we      should focus on that….

EVE -  That bum!  That murderous bum!  How can you…

ADAM – (Talks over her)  Still our son!    He’s all we have… chance to get it           right….so he can marry his sisters…..and get this whole story moving again…..       come on honey, let’s go…back to the future….

EVE – Now there’s a good title!

ADAM -  You’re right….if I can just find my iphone, I’ll write it down…

EVE -  iphone?  What the hell is THAT?

ADAM -  I’ll show you, there’s this great store……and what is this hell you keep talking           about?

EVE – I dunno, the word just keeps popping up, I think I got it from the snake…..

ADAM – Still talking about the snake…..if you hadn’t listened to that snake….

          (They start to exit, still arguing)

EVE -  If I hadn’t listened?  What about you, Mr. Still Forgets to Take Out the Garbage?

ADAM -  Will you ever let that go?

            (She stops for a moment, looks back at the grave, runs to touch it)

EVE -  (A little teary)  Maybe never……

            (He holds out his hand to her, and she comes to take it)

EVE -  But it’s been a good life……

ADAM -  Not just good, but the beginning……

EVE -  A wonderful life……

            (They exit holding hands as we hear)

ADAM -  Now that’s an interesting title…..It’s a Wonderful Life…….

            (They exit to a wonderful future)

First posted Day # 670  Genesis by Janet S. Tiger Dec. 13, 2015
            This is a mini-one-act from several monologues

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A fun piece from beginning to end.