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Monologue Mania Day #1111 Terry's Side (from Caregivers Anonymous) by Janet S. Tiger (c) Feb. 27, 2017

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Monologue Mania Day #1111 Terry's Side (from Caregivers Anonymous) by Janet S. Tiger (c) Feb. 27, 2017                     
                   Terry is the husband of Savannah
                                                   Terry's side
                                                   a monologue from Caregivers Anonymous  by 
                                                    by Janet S. Tiger (c) all rights reserved (c) 2017
      (Young man comes wheeling in a wheelchair, his legs paralyzed.  But when he stops, he suddenly straightens up and stands)

Hey, this is all not real, I mean, it's the theater, so I can walk here.  In my real life, I can't, but, here, I can fly!  

      (He waves his hands around like a kid pretending to be a plane, then he stops.)

I always wanted to be a hero, you know.  A real hero.  Not like Batman or Superman, but like the guys who were real.  My Dad was no hero.  He would beat my mom, and one day, he was gonna punch her and I just couldn't take it, so I lifted a chair, and I smashed him over the head, and I kept hitting him until my mother pulled me away.

And he was afraid.  A hero is not afraid of a kid.  I told him I'd kill him and I told him to get out.  He left and I went into the Army.....he had a fight with a guy where he worked, and got smashed in the head, only this time, he didn't get up, and they put him in one of those hospitals, we call 'em vegetable farms.....two years he was there before he died.

And my mother, she went every week.  An hour each way to see a man who was never gonna wake up.  And when he finally died, she cried.  

Me, I never went.  I didn't care.   Not then.  But now....

        (He looks at his legs)

Two tours.  One road, I was about to put my foot down and I saw something, out of the corner of my eye, and I dived behind a tree, and my buddy, Jacob, he was behind me, he stepped where I hadn't, and he was gone.....and me...I was fine.....fine.... How are you, they ask....Fine, I say......

Until.....that night...(hard to say)....I knew that she wanted to leave me....I could tell....and I got shitfaced......and then I got back on my cycle, can see....

       (He points to the wheelchair)

There I am.  (Shakes his head)  And she stays.  I dunno why.  I never hit, never hit any woman.....but now.....I yell at her until she cries, and when she goes....I cry.....inside....all the time!

When you go into the Army, they train you, they give you these machines, and tools, and you can do anything.  They teach you how to fix them, and what to do if you don't have parts.....why the hell can't they give me a make her....not hate me....

       (He sits in the chair, his legs are now withered again, and he is slumped.  Lights down, end of scene)

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