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Monologue Mania Day # 688 Countdown (updated) by Janet S. Tiger Dec. 31, 2015

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Monologue Mania Day # 688 Countdown (updated) by Janet S. Tiger Dec. 31, 2015
This was first posted one year ago - now revised for 2016
         Monologue Mania Day# 322  by Janet S. Tiger Countdown Dec. 31, 2014
          For those counting, only 43 days left to this year of monologues! Which will mean two years!  And for those who complain I rerun - I revise all the reruns - and sometimes I post entire one-acts, so it evens out!

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           (The actor enters, dressed for the New Year, doing somersaults varied with cartwheels.  Stops right in the middle of the stage.  Smiles, looks at watch.)

Ten..... new friends!

            (Removes shoes and socks while counting.)
Nine.  Movies I liked......

            (Turns another somersault)

What a great year!  Eight.....memorable meals.....

             (Cartwheel, then takes off jacket while counting. )

Seven .....great books I read......six.....people I will now miss......

             (Does three somersaults, takes off shirt)

Five times I missed being in an accident, four stubbed toes , three  French hens....oops, that was last week!......

             (Starts to do a cartwheel, removes pants, stops, now only in underwear)

Maybe I don't want the ball to drop this year.....maybe....I don't want to see it end.....

             (Does a half-hearted cartwheel)

Two......too much information on Facebook....

              (Deep sigh, sits heavily)

Where do the years go?  I mean, just a minute ago, I was turning cartwheels, and now.....

              (Tries to stand, can't)

One...more chance to do good things in a new year.............Beginnings.....

              (Turns to leave, wiggles rear, looks back over shoulder, smiles)

And ends..... 

              (Starts crawling like a baby, giggling, happy, reaches into underwear, grins broadly, removes a New Year's blowy thingy and starts blowing it)

Happy New Year!

              (Blowing still, exits......and so does 2015......ends and beginnings.......  May the New Year be a Happy, Healthy Year for all!)

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Jennifer Silva Redmond said...

You made me laugh, again! Thanks for the daily bit of theater/life/laughs.