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Monologue Mania Day # 675 The Owners by Janet S. Tiger Dec. 18, 2015

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Monologue Mania Day # 675 The Owners by Janet S. Tiger Dec. 18, 2015

                                                The Owners
                                       by  Janet S. Tiger    
                                © 2015  all rights reserved 

         (Older man, dapper, comes out and sits at a table, takes out a white glove and puts it on one hand, wipes across the table and examines the glove, shakes head sadly)

After all these years, I still have a glove with me.....even though, this is not my restaurant!

          (Wipes again)

My father used to say there are two things to a successful food establishment - one, that the food is good, and two, that the place is clean - so no one ever gets sick!

He was right - the old thing about location is a distant third......

           (He looks around)

This is a good location though - close to a train station, close to businesses and banks and stores.....lots of people come by here.......I guess you're right, I do miss it.

But my kids were tired of being.....(says it with a great flourish)  ....THE...OWNERS.....

And after almost 70 years in the business, I guess, it was enough for me, too.  Seventy years.....that's when I count being in my mother's belly while she was still waiting tables.....

My father didn't want me to be in the business, he said it was un-American for the next generation to do work like this......that I had to go to school, get a degree.....and so I did, became an accountant....but I was drawn back here like bees to flowers.....I just loved it.

And with all my father's forced education....I proceeded to force HIM to do something he hated.  I made him.....get organized.

I told him he had to stop paying his employees in cash, and he had to write checks at the end of the month, consistently, so the women working as waitresses could depend on those checks......He hated me for that.  And....they hated me for that, too.

(Imitates one Southern woman)  Mr. Wasserman, how can you hold back our money until the 31st, it's Christmas!  Don't you have a drop of Christian kindness?  And he would say, 'when Jesus signs the payroll checks, then I'll listen to him!'

I begged him to explain why we did it....why we were not giving bonuses, why all we could manage were little Christmas gifts because we were paying the social security and unemployment for them.

But he wouldn't.  He said it wasn't his job to educate the masses.   And that he sincerely wondered about my education!

So it went on for years......and they complained for years about 'the OWNERS'........until, one by one, the lovely ladies decided to retire....and lo and behold, they were all amazed to discover that cheap old Mr. Wasserman had made sure they would get Social Security in their old age.  By that time, my father had passed away, but I could see it in their faces, how they had loved him, and now, they really were sorry they had ever complained.....

Why did he do it?  Because it was the right thing.  Why didn't he tell?  Because you do the right thing even if no one knows.

Then why do it?

He looked at me and said....'Because I know'

       (He turns to leave, stops,looks back)

You'll excuse me, but I have to use the facilities....that's one thing  know!

      (He exits.  But not the end of doing the right thing.)

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