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Monologue Mania Day # 668 Everything is Politics by Janet S. Tiger Dec. 11, 2015

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Monologue Mania Day # 668 Everything is Politics by Janet S. Tiger Dec. 11, 2015
                                        Everything is Politics
                                       by  Janet S. Tiger    
                                © 2015  all rights reserved 

         (This is a political campaign manager and it shows.  In his 40s in the 1970s,, good-looking, divorced, well-dressed and very smart.  He is now having to search for the words to tell the potential candidate changes must be made)

(Laughing)  Political!  why my dear, misguided new friend, everything is political!

People complain about politicians, but the fact is, a man at work sees his friend doing something maybe a little out of the ordinary- the first things that go through the mind are - do I tell?  Who do I tell?  How will this help me?  How will it hurt?

That is all politics.   The neighbor who decides not to tell when the milk man's delivery lasts for an hour......or the doctor who holds back vital health information from a reporter because it could ruin a friend......all part of the human political game we

 I've been watching....your own daughter is pretty savvy politically....yes, I know she's always got a ....what's a polite word? original view of the issues.  But she knows when to argue......and most important, she knows when to shut up......that, my new friend is what makes a good politician.

         (Goes to the bar, pours a drink, not sure how to continue)

Ok, I'm not sure how to bring this up politely, but there are a few issues you're going to need to address.  The first, is your family.....(listens, holds up hands) ...oh, I know your daughter loves to argue with you, but she's an asset.  A big one in her age range.  She is firecely independent - yet she still loves you, that counts for a lot with that voting demographic.

And your wife, she's ...(very appreciative)....she's your biggest asset.....and your mother-in-law, well, even if she disagrees, everyone loves a funny old lady,

Your son is also appealing to the religious vote.....even if he turned out to be......not so religious, he's young, and he seems to not be involved in, you have a solid group behind you.  Big supporters......and if you choose to say yes to the nomination, this is a great time of year.....lots of good photos around the holidays....but we'll get to that later.

The biggest issue the fact that....your insistence on honesty is a trait not particularly needed in the world of politics....


Am I saying you are too honest?  I don't think that's possible....but yes, you are.  Unnecessarily so.....and ways that are definitely deleterious to the chance of winning.

You could learn something from that daughter of how to pick your battles.  Because from where I may know how to play baseball, but unless you decide to learn how to play the decidedly unruly game of ain't gonna win!

         (He raises his glass)

And that's the truth!

          (Lights out on the truth...)


Janet S. Tiger    858-736-6315
Member Dramatists Guild since 1983
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