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Monologue Mania Day # 659 Once Before I Die by Janet S. Tiger Dec. 2, 2015

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Monologue Mania Day # 659 Once Before I Die by Janet S. Tiger Dec. 2, 2015

            You may want to read Day # 657 - Darwin's String - to understand this one!

                                        Once Before I Die
                                 (for the Senior Channel)
                                       by  Janet S. Tiger    
                                © 2015  all rights reserved 

          (An older lady dressed for travel enters with a firm step, she is determined.  She shields her eyes against the lights and stares out at the audience.)

Hello, hello!  I can't see anyone with all these lights in my eyes, but I know you're out there, because I have sat in this audience at Senior Channel many times!  I never thought I'd be up here, but this is the only way I can see to do this, so here goes......

         (She takes a deep breath and then remembers, taking a paper from her pocket, opens it, starts to read, then remembers to get her glasses)

This is for my kids, mostly, but maybe...just maybe it will help others in the same position.

I have these notes....

         (She waves the paper) case I forget....sometimes I do forget....Sorry!'ll happen to you, my dear children........I have spent 67 years working to raise a family....first you, my direct progeny.....I changed your diapers- lots of them!  And took you to school, and events, and sports, and to the ocean, which was a thousand miles away, and to Disneyland, which was two thousand miles away in those days.....but I did it, all.  And most of the time, with a smile on my face!  Which is more than can say for all of you after two days in the car!  But that's another story......Now you are all grown, and I saw you through college, and boyfriends and girlfriends and cars, and now....because you all work, I take care of YOUR children, too!  So you can have....(mocks) ...the good life!

Well, I want something, too.  Something before I die......because I deserve it.  I want to do something that I have dreamed of doing since I first read about it in the paper years ago......

        (She stands very tall)

I want to see ......the giant ball of string!

There, I've said it.  It's only a two day trip, because I am no longer able to drive straight through in one we would have to stay in a motel one night, and the return trip would be the same - with one day in the town of Darwin, Minnesota to see this giant ball of a grand total of five days!  That's what I want for Christmas!  And I want you go with me.

There, that's not too much to ask!


Why do I want to go?  Good question.  I could say it's because I want to see the result of someone's life work.....and I don't have the energy to head to Italy to see the Sistine Chapel.  Or I could say that I want to see the result of a hoarder who is not in my family!  Or I could say that I want to tell everyone when they ask what I got for Christmas - I got to see the giant ball of string!.....(Darker)  Or I could's none of your goddamn business!

        (Turns to leave, stops, looks back)

Or...... I could just tell you the truth......(deep breath)....I'm going....because I want to!

        (She exits, waving the paper, on her way to a new adventure)

This is from a true story - a real......person......and a really big ball of twine!


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