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Monologue Mania Day # 662 Choices (part 3) by Janet S. Tiger Dec. 5, 2015

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Monologue Mania Day # 662 Choices (part 3) by Janet S. Tiger Dec. 5, 2015

          For the first two in this, please see Day # 632 and 631

                                       by  Janet S. Tiger    
                                © 2015  all rights reserved 

        (This is Marisol, the young Latina girl mentioned in Choices 1 and 2 - but now she's not as young as when she started.  She is dressed provocatively, and takes out a cigarette leaning in for someone to light it for her.  She is many things - confused, worried, but mostly angry)

You got a lotta nerve, doing what you just did.  Asking me to do this for you......You think I don't know you been nice to me to get to Xavier?

         (Listens, shakes head)

No, I didn't tell him about you because ,,,,,I didn't want him to hurt you.....he don't like other guys talking to me, taking me out....., 'specially when they don't pay....he gets real .......upset about that.....

        (She takes a big drag of the cigarette, blows it in the face of the person who lit her cigarette)

You should learn to smoke, Jorge, it would help you make more look cool when you smoke.....

You tell me that he's using me.  Yeah, I know, I got that.  My family doesn't like him....but that don't matter to me, because where were they when the boys don't talk to me.....or when the girls in school are mean to me,   Do you know what Xavier did to one girl who shoved me at school?  (Proud)  He went, and after he talked to that bitch, she was different, you know.  She came up, and she was real nice to me!  I noticed, she had a big bruise on her wrist, and she tried to cover it up, but I knew.

         (Touches her own wrist, rubs it)

Xavier's real strong...... she never bothered me again!

Nobody ever took care of me like that!  Ever!  In my whole life!  My Daddy was killed when I was ten, and my mother... she works all the time.  My brothers, I gotta  watch them, and I don't paid nothing for that, so the money I get from what I do, that's my money.  And maybe I share it with Xavier, but that's my business, right?  Not yours!

You say he's using me, but you want to use me, get information ......(gets upset)...and then who's gonna take care of me?  You tell me!  Is it gonna be you?  Let's say you arrest him, he'll be out in two hours, that's all it takes, he's got the best lawyer!  (Almost yelling)  So what happens to me?  Can you protect me?   And watch over my family?  Are you gonna put me in the witness protection?  And give me a big house?  And make sure nobody comes and kills me?  You gonna do that, big man?

           (Listens, laughs)

I didn't think so.......

            (She drops the cigarette, crushes it violently)

That's what he'll do to me if he thinks I'm ratting him out......and I don't think it matters which policeman it is....even his own brother!

            (She exits. Blackout)


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