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Monologue Mania Day #592 by Janet S. Tiger Knocked Down Sept. 26, 2015

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Monologue Mania Day #592 Knocked Down by Janet S. Tiger  Sept. 26, 2015
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                                          Knocked Down
                                          (for Operation Firefly)
                                              by Janet S. Tiger
                                           © all rights reserved                                                 
           (There is a light in the background of this scene, it is ever present, making the night very bright.  One man is seen writing a letter as the others rest.  As he writes we hear his voice-over with views of the fire they are fighting.  Southern accent)

Today, we had our first battle, it was ......

           (He stops, trying to think of the words.  We see the fire tall against the sky, and the men scrambling to escape in front of it.)

It was.....not too bad.  For a fire......It was hot.....and maybe there ain't no bullets, but people can get hurt, and, I suppose, some might call it scary....

         (The men are slipping and falling down a hill with the fire chasing them.  One of the men yells for the other to follow him and he rolls down the brush because it's easier than trying to run, and at the bottom of the hill, there is a stream, and the men dive in as the fire approaches.  They swim out of reach of the fire as the trees come crashing into the water.  It almost sounds like bullets, and the fear and exhilaration is very evident as they watch the fire burn out as it hits the water.)

We had a coupla close calls, but we ok now.......

        (Others of their troop help them out of the water and they go to fight the tongues that are trying to jump the river.)

They told us during training most fires start from lightning, some of people doin' stupid stuff like throwin' matches out the window.....but some people, mostly guys, like to start fires.....because they like to watch 'em burn........I doan understand that......but I do.......because, even when it's hot, and even when it looks bad and even scary, there is a kind of......power......

        (We see him facing a wall of flames that is up a hill, until a friend grabs him and pulls him away)

And in that power, is all the power of the sun.....only it is here, and it can destroy Superman, only ........real........and when you have to stand and fight it.....with sometimes not much more than you bare hands......and you have to knock it down because you got no's gonna be you or the fire.......and it is.....dunno how to call it.....but

      (The men are seen with shovels and rakes, frantically making fire breaks, the fire almost winning, but finally they succeed in beating it back and it starts to die out.)

...I can feel somethin' deep inside, somethin' that I don't have the words for.....and I know that if maybe I was born someplace else, maybe I would wanna start a anything really so big.....and so ugly....and so is.....

        (We see him facing the fire again just before his friends got him and he is stunned by the intensity)

It is.....really......truly.......beautiful.........                                

        (He seals the letter and leans down, falls asleep, the glow from the fire still burning.  End of scene.)


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