Monday, September 14, 2015

Monologue Mania Day #579 Love Tax (for Book of Teas) by Janet S. Tiger Sept. 14, 2015

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Monologue Mania Day #579 Love Tax by Janet S. Tiger  Sept. 14, 2015

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                                              Love Tax 
                                           (for Book of Teas)
                                     A monologue by Janet S. Tiger   
                                                © all rights reserved

         (T is seen rifling through some papers. She holds one bunch up and waves it. She still has that Southern accent.)

Taxes.  All we can depend on is death and taxes, and from what I understand from these PBS science shows, death may not be as dependable as we thought in the past. 
But let me tell you there is no doubt in my mind that there will always be a love tax - someone loves you and you love them, there is an implied burden....maybe not a horrible burden to start - or ever, but it is there, maybe not in a tax code, but tatooed into the heart and soul.
To love and to cherish, in sickness and health......there it is, the words of the tax for all to hear.
An obligation.
A chance to be a better - or if you prefer - a worse person.
A Worson
Because it's pretty simple, if you don't acknowledge the tax, pay the tax, love the tax......the result is a net loss.  The loss of a friendship.....the loss of a love.
The person needs help, needs an ear, a hand......or maybe just a cup of coffee.  The person needs you to be a friend....a parent....a spouse....a sibling.....a person who loves matter what.

And if you do not pay this tax, the results are the same as when you don't pay your Uncle Sam.

         (Turns to leave stops, looks back)

Bad.  The results are very bad.

          (Lights down.  End of scene.  Not of taxes……)

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