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Monologue Mania Day #574 9/11 (for Radio Row) re-run by Janet S. Tiger Sept. 9, 2015

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Monologue Mania Day #574 9/11 (for Radio Row) rerun by Janet S. Tiger  Sept. 9, 2015

       In honor of those who lost their lives......may they rest in peace, and may their memories live on....

                   This is the last scene of the play/screenplay Radio Row started on Day # 158 – but I believe the monologue can stand alone.  Please let me know what you think – thanks.  

                                                    (for Radio Row)
                                 A monologue by Janet S. Tiger   © all rights reserved                                                                                      
               (This is for a movie concept, but it could be onstage with some clever staging ideas.  The narrator comes out, he is older, in his forties now, he is watching the sky and we can see a wrecking ball come across the stage, hear the noise of the smashing against concrete and steel, glass.  It is an awesome sound)

And so it ended, Radio Row, with a wrecking ball and me watching the end of an era......

              (We can see and hear the past through his ears and eyes, the previous scenes, the people, the machines, all jumbled, crashing together.)

It was an awesome sight, the sign of a new time......

             (We now see the Twin Towers being built, hear the sounds of construction.  And with digital help, see the towers growing)

From the graves of the Radio Row stores, grew up the World Trade Center buildings, the symbols of New York, which made an amazing light in the sky.....

            (The Towers are built and the lights on them are brilliant, the opening of the towers a sea of incredible sensations., as we see the millions who visited, including the narrator and family)

I took my children there.....

           (He shows them the roof and the restaurant, the elevators, it is more than impressive, and they are mightily impressed)

But I could never get my brother to come......

          (We see the funeral of his brother in solemn contrast to the lights on the towers)

He cursed the towers with his last breath, and then one day, twenty years to the day he died.......

           (There is a flash, an explosion, and the towers are falling)


Much as he hated those towers, I don't think he wanted anything like this to happen!  I think..

           (We see his brother, as a younger man, watching the towers come down in horror, and he bows his head and is shaking)

I think ......he would have cried.

When those buildings fell, the world watched, but for those of us who were there when it was just Radio Row, we knew that planes may make a dent in us......

           (There is a switch now to the planes of Pearl Harbor, and the two days of horror merge)

Like they tried to do on that earlier day in December 1941.....But they can never destroy us.......we will rise from the ashes stronger and more resolute.....

          (The lights of the towers are seen, and the shadows of the new buildings slowly rise from the dust of the old.  Behind the growing buildings the names of the stores from the past flicker, beneath the sign......Radio Row.......)

Just like our family did......

         (He puts his arm around his brother as they watch the new buildings grow as the lights fade on the Radio Row sign.)

Goodnight, Eddie.....don't worry, I'll close up.......See you in the morning......

          (They walk off together as the sun begins to come up.  The end.)


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