Friday, September 18, 2015

Monologue Mania Day #583 Lies (the Rabbi's Mother) by Janet S. Tiger Sept. 18, 2015

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Monologue Mania Day #583 Lies (the Rabbi's Mother)  by Janet S. Tiger  Sept. 18, 2015

           This monologue is designed to work with tomorrow's monologue as a duo - but each will stand alone.

                                     (The Rabbi's mother)
                                 A monologue by Janet S. Tiger   
                                     © all rights reserved

        (The older woman enters, this is the mother of the rabbi from Day # 582, dressed in the style of the 30s-40s, moving slowly, she is not well.  Eastern European accent)

Thank you, Mona, for coming over.....I have a big favor to ask you.....have a seat, I'll get the girl to bring some coffee and pastry.....fresh from that new bakery....still good and maybe even warm!

(Sighs)  I'm tired. 

          (Waves her hand)

Don't worry about me....I'm not afraid.  It's my time soon.....I just....want to can I tell you?  It's about a lie.  No, not a lie I told......

My son lied to me....he is lying to me every day.....

How do I know?  I know.

He told me that his brother, know the one who went to Israel......he tells me David is alive......when I know.....David is dead......

         (Puts up both hands)

You know what I mean!  David is dead for many years now....five I think.  How do I know that?  You have children, Mona, you know there is a fine string from our hearts to their heart.....and when that string breaks, you know.......I may not know the details, maybe I never want to know them....but one night, just before my son left for California to see David, I woke in a flash......and I knew I would never see David again.

My boy is a good boy, he sends me letters and checks....forgeries...all supposedly from David......and I know it's all a lie.....and by having to pretend he's still alive, by not having to grieve......I suppose I could not get depressed like when Yossel I continue to pretend one day I will see him again.....and now I know that time is near.....


What do I want you to say?  I want you to tell me if I should let him know....that I know.  So that the burden will be off his shoulders.......

This will be my last big decision before I tell or not to tell.....

         (She turns to look at the rabbi on the other side of the stage)

Except for the other big decision.....what I am wearing to my own funeral?

         (She laughs as the lights freeze on her.  End of scene)

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