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Monologue Mania Day #568 I'll be Seeing You by Janet S. Tiger Sept. 3, 2015

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Monologue Mania Day #568 I'll be Seeing You by Janet S. Tiger  Sept. 3, 2015

                                             I'll Be Seeing You
                                    (Scene 1 from a one-act of the same name)
                                           A monologue by Janet S. Tiger   
                                                     © all rights reserved

          (There is a knocking, and an older lady enters, with a small package.  She puts it on a table and smiles.)

Thank you, dear for having me over.  I brought you a little gift - no need to open it now and pretend you like it.......but if you do, just let me know.

You probably wondered why I wanted to see you.  Well, I'm sure you've heard the news, I mean about the robberies right here on this street!  Joanie had her shed broken into, but I suppose that silly yapping dog finally smartened up and barked for a good purpose, because the thief left right away.....and that nice gay couple...Renaldo and Eddie, they had a bag of gifts stolen out of their's a little frightening, don't you think?

         (She looks around the room)

You have a lovelyplace, and this window gives you a chance to look at the whole street.....maybe they could put a camera in here.....

        (She whirls and stares)

(Hard)  What do you think?


(Falsely sweet)  I think the person doing these robberies may even live this neighborhood......who knows?  A neighbor?  Wouldn't that be a juicy bit of gossip?

(Laughs)  Oh, my dear, dear Rosabelle.......did you really think I didn't see you?  

        (She comes to the edge of the stage)

Because I did.  Behind these curtains....watching everything....watching me......I'm surprised you didn't tell the police.....but you weren't home yet when they came around, were you?


Why?  Because I want to, that's why.  No one suspects me, my dear....even you, who saw me, red-handed with the bag of goodies......I fit in here, because I live here....and no one suspects an old person of being a burglar, do they?

        (Waves her hand)

You don't have to answer don't have to do anything, except....listen.

You see, I like taking things.  And I have no intention of stopping.  But I do intend to stop you from telling about me.....

         (Laughs and backs up)

Oh, my goodness, no need to fear me physically!  I was barely strong enough to get that gift bag home!  And even though that stupid dog is a hundred twenty years old, it was still hard to run away!  But I was a bit concerned about see, I've been here in this park for 35 years.....and you're new, only I couldn't know if you could be trusted with a secret like this.

So I......I've decided to help you make the right decision......not to tell, of course.....that is actually the only choice you have....

        (She opens her purse and takes out a phone)

I just love these.  So easy to handle now, even with old fingers....

        (Shows some photos)

Now where is it......I know it's on here someplace......please understand, I had to ....take advantage of the time when you were out....these photos don't do this place justice, but I think the one I took of your fireplace is nice...

       (Shakes her head)

I'm surprised, most people like photos of their home!  .I even left you a note, so you'd know I was your house....

       (She opens a drawer and removes a paper, holds it up)

Gretchen was here......I suppose I hid it a bit, because I like to a little like a magician!


How did I get in?  Well, the last owner,  Mrs. Shrum, passed away, you bought this place, and neglected to change the do I know?  When Mrs. Shrum would be visiting her brother, she had me water her plants .....and for that, I needed.....

       (She pulls something from her pocket)

I needed a key......which still works......and because you are a private person, I figured that you might have some type of journal.....and, as usual, I was right......

      (She now removes a small book from her purse)

What an interesting life you've had, my dear!  So many different places, and men.....and the unusual things you've seen.....and done......I truly admire your adventurous spirit when you were younger.  And how I know you would not like for this journal to be.....public knowledge? Or should I say... 'pubic' knowledge? How dreary this place must seem to you now......but that will be changing you see.....

      (She pulls the book back sharply)

Please don't even think about trying to wrest this book from me!  You'll get your beloved words back, not to worry.....but only after my passing that is many years my lawyer is instructed to return this to you ONLY if there is no doubt I died of natural causes.......ooh, what I have learned from watching Perry Mason......

Mr. Wabash, my attorney, has a photocopy of everything to I know you would NEVER consider doing something so ....mean, as trying to make my end come a bit faster.......

      (She goes over, touches a shoulder)

There, there, nothing to cry about.....this is truly the best way to deal with things like this......we both have a secret we're sisters in secrecy.....oh, I like that!  And I won't tell....if you won't that fair?

       (She smiles, holds out the package)

You will like this little gift, I'm sure....oh, I can't wait until you open it!  It's another journal, only much prettier than the one I .....borrowed!  Because I know you will want to keep writing, you have a way with words.....

Now, hush your simpering ....there's a new movie at the clubhouse, and I just know it would be fun to go see it together, don't you? 

       (She smiles and turns to leave, stops, looks back)

I just have a wonderful feeling....we're going to be great friends!

       (She waves and exits.  End of scene)

Janet S. Tiger    858-736-6315
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Jennifer Silva Redmond said...

Very cool. Love that character's voice!