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Monologue Mania Day #318 by Janet S. Tiger What's Next? Dec. 27, 2014

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Monologue Mania Day #318 by Janet S. Tiger  What's Next?   Dec. 27, 2014     
                              What's Next?
                                      ©Janet S. Tiger all rights reserved

           (This is a very physical piece, designed to show off the actor's talents in movement and ability to hold the audience's attention in a very tight space.  The ideal start would have the actor face down on the floor when this begins.  The timing here is suggested, but will work.  Try different counts for different audiences.  First, absolutely still for a count of at least ten.  Then, movement begins, a twitch, barely perceptible, then another, until slowly the actor has rolled into the fetal position, very tight.)

Mmmmm, would someone please lemme outta here?

           (Person starts vibrating, count of 5 , stops, count of 5, then vibrates again, longer this time, with a stop of 4, vibrating 7, stop of get the idea, this is birth happening, and the actor is wriggling, bursting out, still on floor)

(Screaming)  Waaaaaaah!  Waaaaah!

            (The person feels a slap, stops, stunned.)

What the hell was that about?  You slap me, I'll slap you.....

            (Waves arms wildly, unable to do anything else)

Oh, so that's the way it's gonna be......  Waaah!  Waaaah!

            (The person starts sucking)

Mmmmm!  Better!   Mmmmmm!  That is so good!

            (The person stops, takes a deep breath, tries to sit up, can't, it takes a huge effort, but finally does.)

This is easy!  I can do anything!

            (The person now attempts to crawl, also very hard.  Finally gets crawling and does it in place, never moving from original position on stage.)

Oooh, now I'm movin'!  This is gonna be a breeze!

            (Struggles to stand, falls.  Repeats a few times, each one improving)

They all can do it, so can I!    I can....


What the hell is the secret here?

             (Yawns widely, lies down)

I am tired, maybe a little nap would help.  I just love naps....

             (Hands under head, asleep for a count of 3)

Oooh, that was great!  I feel so much better now!

             (Stands up, very wobbly, but doesn't fall)

I guess there's a lotta secrets no one tells you......

             (Walks in place, slowly at first, then starting to run, falls in place again)

I wish someone would give me a clue.....

             (Gets up, runs a bit more carefully, then gets the hang, starts to go fast)

Wow!  This is incredible!  It's like I'm Superman/woman!   This living thing is so way cool......

             (Hits something, goes down hard, is stunned)

Maybe it won't be as easy as I thought.....

            (Gets up a bit more gingerly, runs in place more carefully)

Why won't they let me go to school on my own?  I'm big, I can get there without them....

            (Does some different steps, walks a bit)

And everyone knows it's a wise psychological move to foster a child's independence, and that's what I want, my independence!

             (Sits on the ground, puts feet out, has hands on the wheel of a car)

Vrroooom!  Wow!  I love to go fast!  And I'm such a good driver!  Now this is really the way to go!  I knew I could drive, and I can get away from everyone and everything and.......

             (They shudder, the car stops)


              (Stands up, walks again)

Now I have to walk to my job, to pay off that stupid repair!  

               (Sits in car again, older)

Thanks, I just paid it off, it's all mine....

               (Leans over for a kiss.  Arms wrapped around self, heavy breathing, vibrations, faster breathing, heavier vibrations explosion of movement, then quiet.......

Wow, that's even better than driving.......

              (Breathes quietly, turns, smiles)

I think it's a good idea, too........

              (Hugs, then sits back, one hand on the wheel, smiling, suddenly starts driving like mad)

We'll get there.....we'll get there......

               (Stops, holds out arms.)

Amazing......even better than......(stops themselves)....better than everything else.....

               (Puts the baby down, lets it crawl, then walk away)

Don't run so fast, you'll fall down.....

               (Shakes head)

I told you so.....

They never listen, do they?

               (Sits down, slowly)

Boy, it's hard to get up sometimes......

              (Tries to stand, cannot get up)

I guess you just have to get used to it, thank God for wheels....and wheelchairs......

            (Tries to wheel the chair)

Thank you, dear, my arms are a bit tired, I think I'll take a nap.....

             (Lies down on ground, hands under head)

Mmmm, I just love to take naps....

             (Relaxes, lies very still, same position at beginning, only now lying on their back, hands crossed over the stomach, a final breath, stillness, count of 5, then, very slowly stands up,looks at where they were, then around, turns to walk off, stops, looks back)

That was fun!  What's next?

             (Exits, the end ....for now.)


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