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Monologue Mania Day #306 by Janet S. Tiger Gettin' It On Dec. 15, 2014

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Monologue Mania Day #306 by Janet S. Tiger   Gettin' It On Dec. 15, 2014 

                                               Gettin' It On      
                                       ©Janet S. Tiger all rights reserved
         (This monologue is specially designed for actors who are auditioning for very physical roles   with little dialogue.  Two props necessary - a chair and a pair....of socks.  A person comes onstage - older, but younger can also play an older character.  The actor is carrying a pair of socks and sits down on a chair.  They take a big breath and put one of the socks carefully on the back of the chair.

         They open the top of the socks and try to lift their foot to the sock.  No luck.  Tries again, starting to get frustrated.  Tries other foot, no luck.  Bows their head, shakes it.   

         Now holds sock in mouth, and tries using both hands to pull leg into position.  Almost falls off the chair.  They catch themselves, stop for a minute, this is hard work.

         Sits thinking, gets an idea.  Tries leaning all the way down to reach foot, almost has it, then falls slowly off of the chair.)

(Total frustration)   Waaaaaaa!

        (Now on the floor, shaking head.  Tries new angle, tries to sneak up on the sock, to surprise it   with the foot, just pushes it away when foot jerks a bit.

         Gets an idea.  Starts to do some yoga type stretches.  Grunting, groaning.  Tries to put on sock again, still no luck!

         Fury is setting in, and the person now goes crazy.)

(Screaming)  AAAAAAAH!

           (At this, the person becomes a flurry of activity - stretching, yelling, finally pulling the sock on to great success.  They fall back panting on the floor.

Slowly gets to feet, notices other sock)

(Laughing) Hoooooooooo!

          (Looks at watch, nods, takes off sock by holding other foot on toe.  Bends over to pick up sock, can't do it, leaves it there.  The phone rings, the person answers, starts to walk off, stops, looks back)

Yes, I'm getting ready for bed......just another busy day......

      (They exit.  Never the end of excitement)



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