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Monologue Mania Day #310 by Janet S. Tiger The Devil in the Donut Shop Dec. 19, 2014

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Monologue Mania Day #310 by Janet S. Tiger  The Devil in the Donut Shop   Dec. 19, 2014 
                        The Devil in the Donut Shop

                                       ©Janet S. Tiger all rights reserved

                (A woman walks onstage in a determined way, she looks around as if nothing can stop her, then something does.  She stops abruptly, takes a deep breath and turns to face.....the audience....a friend.....anyone to whom she can tell her dark tale of woe.  She has a Southern accent that gets more pronounced as she gets more agitated.)

I see you knew I was goin' to walk past this Donut Shop because we talked about it when you were checkin' out.....I told you who was in this unassumin' place and you wanted to see if it was true......well, it is.  Everyone thinks the devil is some guy with horns and a pitchfork, but that's not true.  You see, I know the truth, and the truth is that the devil is right here, in this shoppin' center, in the guise of that little Cambodian lady named Sue.....she sounds so innocent.....Sue, but she is the devil!

 Look at that!

            (She points)

She knows I walk by here every day at 5:30pm when my shift is over.  I am a creature of habit, you see, I do the same thing every day......I finish my shift and I clock out.....

            (She illustrates as she speaks)

Then I get my coat, if it's cold, and my umbrella if it's rainin' and my purse no matter what the damned weather is....and I walk out past the nail salon and the insurance place and past the toy store, and I have no trouble with any of them, they do not lure me....they are safe.....but then.....I come to the home of the devil.....

             (She stops, a look of horror on her face)

And the devil is puttin' out a fresh, hot, steamin' hot buttermilk donut with caramel glaze just drippin' off as it hardens.....and she is only puttin' out one, and it sits there, amidst the others, the bear claws and the chocolate sprinkles, all of which I can resist, but that buttermilk....when it's warm, I can just .....

          (She is getting very warm and starts wiping her forehead with a handkerchief.)

I can just taste that gooey deliciousness on ma lips!

          (She puts her finger in her mouth)


And no matter what I do, I am reduced to becoming.....dare I say it?  A disciple of the devil!  I cannot resist!  I enter in shame, and throw the money at that devil woman Sue, and the worst part is.... she laughs at me!  

(Starts to really lose it)   Laughs and laughs!  One day, I will come into that store and take her laughin' devil face and push it in those vats of hot steamin' grease and the true nature of the devil will be revealed and destroyed and ...... I will no longer have to worry about resisting that donut temptation every day!

            (She is breathing deeply and holding herself, then snaps out of it and stands up straight, turns)

But that ain't gonna be today, is it Sue?

           (She removes a dollar from her purse, shaking her head)

You know which one Sue, that one you put in the window to entice me, to seduce me, to ruin me!  Yeah, that one there.....and you can stop gigglin', I know you put that in the window just to get me in the door.......

           (She turns to leave, stops, looks back)

Love sure can make you crazy, can't it?  Love......and donuts.....

          (She exits, eating the donut and smiling.  The end- of this donut)


Janet S. Tiger    858-736-6315
Member Dramatists Guild since 1983
Swedenborg Hall 2006-8

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