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Monologue Mania Day #297 by Janet S. Tiger Rue and Tansy Dec. 6, 2014

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Monologue Mania Day #297 by Janet S. Tiger Rue and Tansy Dec. 6, 2014

                                                  Rue and Tansy
                                 A monologue by Janet S. Tiger   © all rights reserved

                (A woman dressed in clothing from the 1800s enters.  She is in her twenties, maybe thirties, her hat is stylish, she carries a basket with flowers, envelopes and bags of seeds.  She waves some flowers at the crowd.)

Ladies, flowers for the ladies, all types of flowers.....pretty ones for the table, seeds for the garden.....we aim to please.....and...(darker) ....all types of useful tinctures, extracts and teas........for ladies problems......manmade and disease......

              (She takes out one of the small envelopes)

I have here seeds for tansy, which has beautiful yellow flowers, and is an important part of every woman's garden......tansy....first cultivated many years ago in faraway help with the organs, the skin...and the glands......grown by the monks and even Charlemagne......a pinch will help for many a pain.....(quieter)  for the worms and  rheumatism, problems of digestion, controlling flatulence......(suggestive) and other disagreeable conditions induced by men.....

            (She waves the envelope at the crowd)

We are only here at the market for a few days, so hurry, come to see name is Sally, come take a look at our potions and seeds.....and I will be glad to help you find.....the perfect herb for your needs.....

            (She straightens, becomes more alert)

Well, hello, officer.....I hope we have something you could use.....

           (She walks over, is more private)

You must know of girls, women, who are in the business .....who might need help from some of my teas.....I have  tea from very high quality rue....made specially from leaves brought to this country from the gardens of European nobility.....rue is so useful for many ailments, for eye strain, for the falling sickness......and for other problems......gentility prevents me from saying their names, but you sir, as a policeman, are most certainly aware what can happen to these poor creatures when they resort to behaviors that can be so dangerous......I like to say, use rue, so you will not rue the day.....someone was born.....

            (She listens)

Does this work?  Actually, my mother was given tansy, but she did not use it, which is why I am here to help others.  Is it better that I was born?  That is a question I have asked many times.  But I have helped many with the same problem......

            (She leans over with some of the envelopes)

Thank you, officer, for letting people know we are here, in the corner booth, for the next few be of so many ways.....

             (She turns to leave, stops looks back)

Yes, sir, one day, perhaps, we will be able to speak openly about these things, but until then, I will sell my teas.....delicious and useful.....we aim to please......

           (She exits, waving the basket.  Some things never change....)


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